Have you made a plan to vote?

For a number of reasons, I think we can all agree this year has been a difficult one.


As a company we’ve found ourselves becoming more vocal about, and participating in, a national dialogue around what our role is in ensuring the U.S. is a just and equitable place to live. We strive to be a safe space for employees to talk about controversial topics and share diverse viewpoints. And, paramount this year, we want to use the resources we have to enable all eligible U.S. citizens to exercise their right to vote and participate in this year’s election. 


We’ve launched an internal, nonpartisan, Get Out the Vote campaign to encourage all ZEOs to get civically engaged leading up to, and on, election day. Additionally, our ZEOs have been having conversations and hosting sessions on ways to get more engaged this year and participate in local governments. 


In the spirit of inclusivity and awareness, we wanted to share our voting resources with our larger Zuora community in an effort to ensure everyone is ready for November 3.


  1. Get Registered: go to I Am A Voter to ensure you’re registered to vote. This is the most critical step and only takes a minute. In many states it’s not too late to register, check out voter registration deadlines here.
  2. Become a Poll Worker: for those who feel comfortable, most states are still looking for people to help staff polling locations on Election Day. To apply to become a poll worker, visit Power the Polls, don’t forget to wear your mask!
  3. Make a Voting Plan: it’s important to determine if you’ll vote on Election Day or vote early this year. Many states are opening up early voting access, check out your county’s rules to see what your options are. And, will you vote in-person or by mail?If voting by mail, make sure to request a ballot (if necessary) and follow all listed instructions on how to ensure your vote is counted.
  4. Mobilize Voters: make sure your friends, family and neighbors have access to the information they need to vote. Check in on them to ensure they’re registered to vote and have a voting plan. For those that want to mobilize outside of their community, you can volunteer to write, text and call citizens in battleground states or those that have been historically underrepresented in past elections – specifically people of color, young people, the elderly and people with disabilities. Check out the NAACP Civic Engagement Program and When We All Vote to apply to become a volunteer.


Beyond providing employees with the resources they need to cast their vote, we’ve given Election Day off to all U.S.-based employees to provide them with the time to not only vote, but mobilize others to do the same. Similarly, we’ve given a day off to our international employees tied around public holidays and days best suited to their locations.


“While we anticipate many of our employees will vote early and/or by mail this year, it was important for us to make Election Day a U.S. holiday to give ZEOs the space and flexibility to get civically engaged. We want ZEOs to know that not only do we support their right to vote, but fundamentally believe we need to remove any barriers that prohibit them from voting.” Laura Robblee, Chief Human Resources Officer, Zuora


We’re committed to creating the space for employees to engage in meaningful, respectful and productive conversations. This starts with communication for our leaders, tools for managers to facilitate difficult conversations, and the reminder that we all play a part in keeping these conversations respectful by actively listening and learning from one another. 


We hope that you’ll join us in casting your vote this year, and regardless of the outcome, that we’ll all continue to remain civically engaged and dedicated to keeping our democratic process fair and just.

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