My Summer at Zuora - More Than Just an Internship

My Summer at Zuora - More Than Just an Internship

By Christian Keegan, Zuora Employee Communications Intern

From the moment I logged into my Zoom interview with members of the ZEO Success team (aka Zuora’s HR team), I knew that my summer would be well-spent learning, developing skills, and connecting with people who love their jobs. It wasn’t until about midway through when my wifi went down and I had to log back into my own interview, that I also realized that a virtual internship experience was going to be equal parts productive and unique. Despite the wifi mishap, I got the job as an Employee Communications Intern and Zuora upheld my expectations — my most unique, productive summer ever

Reach Up Down and Side to Side for Support

Working at Zuora has been hands down the best three months of my professional career. Zuora has this unique culture of not only cross-functional support, but empowerment and encouragement too. Being a ZEO for the summer proved to me that no matter the size of a company or states between you and your nearest co-worker, there are professionals at all levels who want to see me succeed, thrive, and then go forth and make an impact.

Be Curious & Challenge Yourself

I have learned so much, but the most important takeaway is the process of digging to the bottom of every question, assignment, and task. I have learned to be curious, challenge myself to do research and properly prepare anything that I am working on like it’s the one and only shot I have. Sure, I make mistakes and things need editing, but if you go into every assignment with the drive and grit it takes to do it right the first time, your results will be better every time.

Stay Connected to what Matters – Your People

I have gained so many insights into HR, internal communications, and more, but there is one key insight I have been let into see in my time at Zuora. To be successful in an HR function, you must think of and connect the actual people that will see, interact with, and reap success from everything you do. Being the Employee Communications intern in the midst of some real challenges and changes in the United States of America has been not only a great learning experience, but a chance to see how much Zuora cares about ZEOs. It’s more than just a saying; Zuora cares about ZEOs: how they feel, what they are saying, and how they can be best supported. The amount of work, time, and energy that goes into every internal communication is a testimony to the importance of ZEOs and their success.


I have been lucky to work virtually for some of the most talented people in the industry — and for that, I am grateful. It is unique to find this many people who are willing to invest in my future; I am so glad I found it here. “Make shift happen” is not only a great Zuora saying, but a testament of a culture that is pumped full of empowerment, inspiration, and ZEO success.

Not only do I encourage students looking for an internship to apply to Zuora, I encourage you to engage with Zuora with your full selves. For me, engaging fully has been unmuting myself on Zoom and asking questions, connecting with leaders outside my team or business area, and being eager to own my mistakes and learn best practices. A Zuora summer is more than an internship.

Thank you Zuora for going all in with your interns, I appreciate it.

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