Getting IoT Right: A Conversation with Honeywell’s Usman Shuja

While GE Digital’s struggles with IoT services generated headlines, one company quietly executed on digital transformation. That company? Honeywell. In recent years, the legendary industrial manufacturer has evolved into an industrial software and services company. Last year the company launched Honeywell Forge, an Enterprise Performance Management software, that provides insights to operators of buildings, airlines, industrial […]

Subscription Economy News: Week of 08/24/20

Every week, we bring you the top stories and analyses from the global Subscription Economy. Audible launches a cheaper subscription plan for access to its exclusive podcasts and audio content 9 Excerpt from an article by Ashley Carman on The Verge Audible, an Amazon company, is separating its exclusive audio content out into its own plan […]

SaaS Origin Stories: An Interview with Legendary CFO Steve Cakebread

Steve Cakebread is the “OG” SaaS CFO.  The man who took Salesforce, Pandora and Yext public is also the author of the upcoming “The IPO Playbook: An Insider’s Perspective on Taking Your Company Public and How to Do It Right.” I had the privilege of working with Steve during the early years of Salesforce, so […]

Zuora Named to Constellation Shortlist™ For Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms for Q3 2020

We’re proud to announce that Constellation Research once again named Zuora to the Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms in Q3 2020, marking its fourth consecutive year of recognition on the list. Zuora was previously recognized in Q3 2019, Q1 2019, Q3 2018, Q1 2018, Q3 2017, Q1 2017, and Q3 2016. The technology vendors and service providers included […]

Subscription Economy News: Week of 08/17/20

Every week, we bring you the top stories and analyses from the global Subscription Economy. Life online: Subscribe to everything, own nothing Excerpt from an article by Nicole Lee on Engadget In March this year, we were told that the pandemic lockdowns would only last a few weeks. [But now,] the future has never been more […]

3 Subscription Metrics Every CFO Should Watch

Today, CFOs face a business environment that is more complex, dynamic, and competitive than ever before. An accelerating shift toward agile business models, and a trend toward an increasingly customer-centric back office, has brought with it a new set of needs around measuring the business. We’ve witnessed this shift firsthand at Zuora and the CFOs […]

Upgrading to Orders is Now Easier Than Ever

Unlock new revenue growth and increase orchestration efficiency by adopting orders.  If you onboarded to Zuora before 2018, chances are you are managing subscriptions in the subscribe and amend environment.  This might be working fine, unless… You are managing a high volume of amendments You are burning manual resources making multi-year subscription changes You lack […]

Introducing 3 New Usage Charge Models to Supercharge Your Monetization Strategies

Did you know that offering a healthy balance of usage pricing yields 30% more revenue growth to your business? According to the Subscribed Institute, companies who have revenue derived from a combination of usage pricing and recurring pricing, grow 1.3X faster than those who don’t leverage usage. Usage pricing incentivizes customers by allowing them to […]

The Subscription Economy Comes to Government

“Citizens tend to think of government as a kind of vending machine. They put in taxes and get out services that governments provide. However, this vending machine idea is giving way to the idea of ‘government as a platform.’ The platform metaphor means that government provides a system in place to deliver services not by […]

My Summer at Zuora – More Than Just an Internship

By Christian Keegan, Zuora Employee Communications Intern From the moment I logged into my Zoom interview with members of the ZEO Success team (aka Zuora’s HR team), I knew that my summer would be well-spent learning, developing skills, and connecting with people who love their jobs. It wasn’t until about midway through when my wifi […]

Subscription Economy News: Week of 08/10/20

Every week, we bring you the top stories and analyses from the global Subscription Economy. New York Times exploring a Wirecutter subscription Excerpt from an article by Sara Fischer on Axios The New York Times is in the early stages of researching a consumer subscription for its product recommendation site Wirecutter. A central part of The […]