Meet the InternZ 2020

By Christian Keegan, Employee Communications Intern

The offices of our summer 2020 interns look quite different than ever before. Kitchen tables, bedrooms, even backyards and barking dogs are standing in for Zuora desks, snacks, and in-person team meetings. For the first time ever, Zuora interns met over Zoom, not a hot cup of coffee in the office. For many of us, the commute is a lot shorter, too! However, despite COVID-19, we Zuora 2020 summer interns are a well-rounded group of students who are bringing our fresh ideas, technical skills, and a lot of passion to Zuora. There are so many interesting things that set the Zuora internship program apart from any other internship program. Why not hear how great a summer at Zuora is from the awesome interns themselves? 

We interns are continuing to make shift happen–even online! Let’s meet a few.

First up, we have Artur Cabral, Software Engineering – Tools Team:

Artur is in his second year working towards his Master’s of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is specializing in visual analytics (as if he could not get any cooler). 

When asked what he was most excited for this summer he said, “I am most excited to be working as a Software Engineer Intern because it is something different from what most of my course work focuses on. My concentration is in data and visual analytics, but the experience as a Software Engineer is extremely valuable to my career.”

We wanted to know why Artur would suggest Zuora to his classmates at Georgia Tech, and he had no problem bragging about his great team and Zuora’s supportive environment: “Zuora has been nothing but very welcoming and supportive since day one. The many software engineering  teams share a close relationship providing help and support, which creates an environment in which I am constantly learning new things, and becoming a better developer and better person.” 

When Artur is not working at a computer, he can be found showing off his Crossfit coaching abilities, reminiscing on his D1 volleyball days, or traveling to Brazil to see his family.

Next up we have Kassie Cowles, ZEO Success – HR Business Partner Team:

Kassie is a senior at Clemson University where she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music, and Biology. What a trio, right? 

Kassie was excited for a lot of things this summer, but she especially loves the culture now that she is here, “The welcoming and teamwork culture at Zuora creates a fantastic atmosphere for interns. Every employee wants to help you learn and will reach out and ask what you need from them constantly.” 

Kassie has some fun facts. She holds the (unofficial) record for most times riding the Barnstormer in Disney World in a row, cooks exclusively without recipes, and plays all sorts of instruments. Kassie, you are seriously living the life – apparently from the Toy Story childhood bedroom!

Next up, meet Seo Choe, Software Engineering – Workflow Team:

Seo Choe just graduated from Emory University with a degree in Computer Science! Like Erica, she came to Zuora excited to work with some other great software engineers. 

When asked why Emory students may be interested in Zuora, Seo has some really awesome points about what her work has been like in the first few weeks! “Even in the first couple of weeks, it’s clear that my work is impactful. As an intern, I’m not just pushing pencils, but working on a meaningful project that will be used long after my internship is over – this isn’t the case in other internships.” We hear you loud and clear, Seo! 

As if Seo could not get any cooler, she is a firm believer that brunch is the best meal, she always gives more than 100% of her effort when playing badminton, and she loves museums. Need a few museum recommendations? Here are hers: The MET, Musee d’Orsay, and The Getty Center.

Software Engineers, art-lovers, athletes! Zuora has them all and more!

Finally, we want you to meet Erica Vano, Software Engineering – Gen Apps Team:

Erica is a Senior at the University of Georgia. Her time is spent studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics! Fun, right? 

Learning new skills is a Zuora internship statement! Erica thought ahead, “I am excited to be able to work with and learn from experienced and professional software engineers at Zuora, which is invaluable to my future.” Way to go, Erica! 

Now that she is here, and in addition to a connection with her team, she has gotten close to her fellow Atlanta interns! Her words for students interested in Zuora? “You will be challenged to think and learn, but the supportive environment makes it all the better.” 

One time Erica memorized the first 50 digits of pi (for fun) – talk about multi-faceted!

We are thrilled to welcome Erica, Seo, Kassie and Artur to the Zuora family and can’t wait to see the great things they accomplish this summer!


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