ZEOs Amplifying Pride

ZEOs Amplifying Pride

By Christian Keegan, Zuora Employee Communications Intern

The spring and summer of 2020 have proven to be unique and challenging for companies and individuals. As June arrived, so did the fact that Zuora needed to find new ways to honor Pride Month. Without the usual Pride March that we participate in, our Employee Resource Group, OZ (Out at Zuora) stepped up to the plate. What came out of Pride Month at Zuora illustrates the strong alliance ZEOs have with the LGBTQIA+ community. ZEOs from across all departments contributed to make June a month inclusive of all voices. Read and reflect more about all that Zuora did this month, below!


Talk, Action, and More With the HRC! 

OZ’s talk with The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) featuring Carmarion D Anderson, Alabama State Director, Human Rights Campaign and Patrick Sarborough, Activist and Member Board of Directors, Human Rights Campaign, was powerful and moving to say the least. Zuora went in looking for answers on what intersectionality can mean to a company. ZEOs left with the exposure to new points of view, opinions, and personal stories and accounts of what the HRC does day-to-day. Carmarion and Patrick rose to the occasion by highlighting their work in the south, HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI), and the work that still needs to be done. Their words were helpful in shaping what Pride Month looks like for our ZEOs working around the globe. Additionally, Carmarion shared  helpful insights into what it looks like to be a Black member of the LGBTQIA+ community in the South in the midst of COVID-19.

ZEOs Voices: Amplified 

#ZEOVoices, a social campaign built to amplify and resound the voices of ZEOs on different elements of their intersectional identities. The hashtag and amplification comes after a time in the world where underrepresented voices are beginning to demand a platform where they can be themselves. Zuora, having pledged to be a support system in the amplification of underrepresented voices hopes that #ZEOVoices will be a way that ZEOs can feel heard and respected while contributing to the fostering of a safe, diverse community that Zuora is so proud to support.


Do You Know the Answer? Pride-themed Trivia! 

As an ongoing effort by our Office Managers, there was weekly Pride-themed trivia to help educate and engage ZEOs across the globe with facts about Pride Month and relevant other information. Pride trivia is just another way that our offices are getting involved and stepping up to the plate in a time where any distraction can be a welcome one.

Our Instagram Was Bright this June with our Pride Playlist! 

Zuora’s Instagram was lively in June! Janet Mock, Elton John, Billy Porter, and more popped up on Instagram stories this month. Zuora’s Pride Playlist highlighted LGBTQIA+ and Black leaders and their art on the Instagram Story function all June long. Songs, books, Broadway plays, and more are highlighted to be remembered and accessed all year long in the Highlights section of @Zuora!

Show Off Your Pride With (fashionable) Zuora Pride Swag! 

Pride Swag! Yes, you heard it, Zuora will launch Pride swag in its ZEO global store! For every shirt purchased, Zuora will donated $10 to the Black Visions Collective, a Black, Trans, and Queer led organization fighting to ensure that all Black lives not only matter, but are able to thrive. No better way than shirts to show off Zuora and your Pride all in one. Stay tuned for the Zuora store launch and grab yours!

Pride Month at Zuora has been a time of pondering, wondering, and digging deep into the human experience. Calling the last few months unique would be an understatement. Zuora did so much good this June, but just because June is over, does not mean that anyone can be forgotten. Zuora pledged to continue to work to increase and amplify the voices of our ZEOs to ensure a diverse and accepting workforce.

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