Subscription Economy News: Week of 06/15/20

June 18, 2020

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EDreams Now Has a Half Million Paying Travel Subscribers

Excerpt from an article by Sean O’Neill on Skift

EDreams Odigeo has added to its travel subscription service another 50,000 members since November, bringing its membership base to about 500,000 for its brands eDreams, Opodo, and GO Voyages. The effort is the biggest test yet of consumer interest in subscriptions as a way to buy travel.

The pandemic has grounded many travelers, so eDreams Odigeo has been offering free extensions to current subscribers. It has also begun a promotional campaign that aims to entice new members with a half-year free trial.

EDreams Odigeo group offers subscriptions in France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, with usage varying by market.

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Google is launching a way to buy Android app subscriptions outside of the app itself

Excerpt from an article by Sarah Perez on TechCrunch

Alongside the Android 11 beta news and updates to Android developer tools, Google has quietly rolled out a significant change in how Android app developers can market their subscriptions on the Google Play Store.

The most notable part of the update is how it allows developers to sell subscriptions directly on their app’s details page.

In an example, the robocall-blocking app Truecaller shows a button next to “Install” which reads, instead, “Free trial & Install.” Beneath this, a window provides all the details about the app’s subscription, including the free trial length, the cost when the trial ends, and what the subscription offers, in terms of feature set.

This more transparent marketing option benefits consumers and developers alike.

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One Monthly Fee, a Catalog of Porsches

Excerpt from an article by Jim Resnick on The New York Times

Our fondness for mixing and matching has created space for automotive freedom beyond the lease, in the form of car subscription services.

Porsche’s Passport program (recently renamed Porsche Drive) hits the subscription model a bit differently.

Porsche had already taken note over the last couple of years that younger generations were less willing to commit to big-ticket purchases. Even among the affluent, buyers in a high-priced segment or even those who might lease, a growing number seemed unwilling to commit.

With Porsche’s Drive subscription program, even for those who fear commitment, the barrier is relatively low. It’s also flexible. Two subscription programs offer slightly different fleets. And as with all things in 2020, Drive is app-based.

For more, read the full piece on The New York Times and learn how automotive makers like Toyota, Ford and Daimler are transforming their businesses. has introduced subscription-based health coverage

Excerpt from an article by Victor Chatenay on Business Insider has launched a monthly subscription-based health insurance product, following its successful raise of seed capital for an undisclosed amount’s subscription model will likely boost user growth, especially among millennials and Gen Zers in Mexico who often lack access to employer insurance schemes.

The product launch also comes amid low national health insurance adoption and heightened concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic, both driving the need for disruption. Only about 42% of Mexico’s population has access to health insurance.

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