Subscription Economy News: Week of 04/20/2020

Subscription Economy News: Week of 04/20/2020

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SolarWinds Software Available Via Subscription

Excerpts from an article by Jeffrey Burt on Channelnomics

SolarWinds is offering subscription-based pricing for most of its on-premises IT operations management software, a move designed to give partners and companies greater financial flexibility and predictability at a time when the business environment is highly unpredictable.

The subscription pricing, announced this week, gives users an alternative to the company’s perpetual licensing model.

The coronavirus crisis has put a sharp focus on the pressure IT departments are under to cut costs while maintaining service, and SolarWinds officials said the subscription model is another tool customers can use to reduce expenses.

For more, read the full article on Channelnomics

How Tribune Publishing is growing subscription revenue

Excerpts from an article by Digiday

Tribune Publishing’s digital subscriptions business was already on a growth trajectory. But since the onset of the pandemic, digital subscriptions have spiked.

The company ended 2019 with 334,000 digital-only subscribers, a 34% increase versus a year prior, according to CMO Mark Campbell, and along with it, subscription revenue grew about 60% during that one-year period as well.

Looking at March versus February this year, Tribune Publishing experienced a 293% increase in new digital subscriptions. During that period, the company also had a 54% increase in unique visitors across its brands while the number of users who hit the paywall increased by 21%. N

For more, read the full article on Digiday and learn how Zuora is helping media companies scale

Citrix saw a ‘pretty crazy’ jump in subscription revenue as the remote workforce wave sparked a surge in demand, CEO says

Excerpts from an article by Benjamin Pimentel on Business Insider

Citrix CEO David Henshall said the cloud software maker saw a “pretty crazy” jump in its subscription revenue as the rise of the remote workforce led to a surge in demand for its cloud software.

“Our subscription revenue increased 89% year-over-year,” CEO David Henshall told Business Insider. “Last year it grew 43%. That kind of acceleration was pretty crazy.”

Citrix’s products have seen heightened demand as businesses have pivoted sharply to a work-from-home policy because of COVID-19, Henshall says, because its technology helps employees access their work apps and data from any device, including their smartphones.

For more, read the full article on Business Insider

Netflix Adds 15.7 Million Global Subscribers Amid Pandemic

Excerpts from an article by Kelsey Sutton on Adweek

Netflix added more than 15.7 million subscribers globally in its most recent quarter, increasing its total global membership base to 182.9 million. That figure represents nearly double the growth the streaming service enjoyed abroad last quarter, when it netted 8.3 million global subscribers.

The spike in subscribers is a likely short-term bump due to the coronavirus crisis, Netflix said, and is likely to level out upon a return to some sense of normalcy.

“What’s going around the world is dominating our thoughts and our considerations, and we want to stay super focused on making sure that we’re continuing to be there and have a great service, making sure we’re able to provide entertainment and escape for our members around the world.”

For more, read the full article on Adweek

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