Zuora Celebrates International Women’s Day

Zuora Celebrates International Women’s Day

Everyday, women at Zuora are forging innovation, bringing exciting new ideas, and transforming business and technology for our customers. So naturally, we’re excited to celebrate International Women’s Day at Zuora. From our headquarters in Redwood City to our offices in Sydney and Chennai, we hosted a series of internal events to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women as well as reflect on the work that remains to accelerate gender parity.

Check out some of the activities our global Z-Women groups organized for everyone this year:

1:1 “Speed Mentoring” with Senior Leadership

We picked the brains of our visionary CEO, Tien Tzuo, execs and other senior leaders across the globe in rapid fire “speed mentoring” sessions. ZEOs had five -10 minute 1:1 sessions to ask their burning questions, get advice and make connections.

According to Jessica Hartog and Azucena Araujo who lead our Redwood City chapter of our Z-Women’s group both organized and participated in the event:

“Ten minutes may seem restricted but you’re actually on your A-game: asking, listening, learning as much as you can, and before you know it it’s time for a quick reset and you’re on to the next session. We got a lot of valuable advice in areas like: how to step outside of your comfort zones, how to bridge communication barriers, how to get the right people into different conversations so that you can better achieve a particular outcome, and how to find inner confidence you need to succeed.”

Mail or pass on a “Women we Admire” Postcard

ZEOs filled out postcards and addressed them to women who have made an impact on their lives, letting them know how awesome they are. “Here’s to women we admire. We follow them. We hear them. We notice them. We raise them.” Sometimes it’s the little things that count!

Purple Everywhere!

Celebrate women’s achievements. Bring about awareness. Wear purple! Purple symbolizes women across the globe and we had just about every shade represented.


Women in our Sydney office received massages and pedicures to remind us how important it is to slow down when we need it, maintain balance and practice self-care.

HUGE thanks to all our organizers, mentors, mentees and ZEOs for showing their support and making a positive difference for women day in and day out and year after year. Everyone counts!

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