Step Inside Zuora’s New Redwood City HQ! 

Welcome to Zuora’s new HQ! It’s been one month since we opened the doors to our very own, 100,000 square foot building in Redwood City and it’s really starting to feel like home.

The 4-story building brings together about 350 employees (aka ZEOs) from our San Mateo and San Jose offices with plenty of room to grow and expand. Like our other offices around the globe, we focused on creating a space that inspires connection, collaboration and innovation; a place where our teams and guests want to spend time, whether they’re working hard or just hanging out. The space is sleek, modern and designed with tons of features influenced by our very own ZEOs.

Ready for a tour? Come on in, everyone is welcome…

Whether you drive, bike or take the train to the office, we’ve got you covered with plenty of parking, EV charging stations, secure bike storage and shuttles to and from Caltrain. No matter your method, our space is designed to welcome you the minute you walk through the door.

Kickstart your day with endless streams of local coffee and cold brew paired with fresh fruit daily. Or head to one of our many breakroom snack bars where all your favorite healthy and not-so healthy snacks and beverages are on rotation. Be sure to stick around for the latest microbrew or kombucha on tap. Cheers to Z-Philanthropy group for upping our sustainability game and moving us to reusable dishes, utensils and compostables!

We know the snacks are tempting and maintaining work life balance can be tough, so ZEOs are free to hit the gym day or night. Our onsite gym is equipped with Peloton bikes, elliptical machines, benches, weights and plenty of space for your whole circuit. When you’re done, just lather, rinse and repeat down the hall in our shower and locker room.

The events and celebrations are already underway in our main all-hands area. Just last week, we held our first Giving Week where ZEOs from around the world participated in volunteer activities. At HQ, ZEOs took advantage of our all-hands area to build hygiene kits, create no-sew blankets, and host local non-profits for various workshops. When the weather is warm (which is often here in sunny California), ZEOs can head outside to work and play.

Natural light flows through the floor to ceiling windows filling the open plan on every floor where you’re free to sit or raise your desk to a standing position. Need to take a quick call or solve a really big challenge with your team? Jump into one of 80+ conference rooms of varying size and fondly named after our favorite national parks, global landmarks, cities where we have offices, and of course subscription terms like Conversion, Usage, Freemium, Order and Ramp!

Learn all about these subscription terms in our training room, where we conduct our Master Class for Customers and go deep to ensure they realize the full value of our solutions and get growing!

If you’re in need of a little silence or time to yourself, we have a ‘Quiet Room’ to support needed moments of “me time.” There are also plenty of places to work away from your desk, with soft seating and focus areas. Or simply take a break to throw down on the ping pong and foosball tables. Whatever the need, it’s easy to find space for what matters at Zuora.

Can you picture yourself working here? We’re hiring–check out our latest job openings!

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