Boo! Halloween 2019

Here at Zuora, we take our celebrating pretty seriously. Since the company’s inception, Halloween has been a festive, spooky, and, of course, highly competitive celebration. With teams preparing group costumes and orchestrating elaborate skits for months in advance, Halloween 2019 certainly did not disappoint.

The first stop on our Halloween tour: Beijing. ZEOs based in our Beijing office set the bar high for our Halloween celebrations. From the adorable office decorations, very thorough team costumes, to the downright terrifying team lunch, ZEOs in Beijing turned out in a big way.

In Japan, ZEOs said goodbye to ownership as they laid it to rest, and took some haunting photos in the ownership graveyard.

Hailing from the Atlanta office, ZEOs donned costumes in the full scale of spooky to darn right refreshing. Atlanta competed in their own local competition with the following results:

  1. Creepiest/scariest – Head Zombie in Charge (Callie Bivings)
  2. Most creative /unique – Red from Us (Anika Boyd)
  3. Best group – The Walking Bar – Hint Bottle (Ellie Jelic), Vodka Water with lime (Cassie Jones), Rose All Day (Amanda Olsen)
  4. Best home/ handmade – Hint bottle (Ellie Jelic)
  5. Best super hero /comic – Westley from Princess Bride (Wes Spears)

The New York office brought a new meaning to “breakfast of champions.” There must have been some winning ingredients in those pancakes as the New York-based “Wolf of ZUO Street” took first place in cross-office competition.

Of course the San Francisco office held their own with The Marketing Bunch production from our reigning Halloween champs, some Happy Little Trees to keep us grounded, and the Brady/Gronk dream team.

And last but not least, teams came out to HQ in wigs, glitter, and everything in between!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this the best/most spooky/energetic/musical/ festive Halloween yet! Now it’s time to sweep up the lingering fake snow, avoid the sugar crash, and start preparing for next year.

We hope you’ll celebrate with next year by checking out our jobs page and working with us forever… and ever… and ever.

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