The Subscribed World Tour is Coming to a Wrap!

The Subscribed World Tour is Coming to a Wrap!

A few months ago, we had our eyes set on launching the Subscribed World Tour across 12 cities and 10 countries, a major feat for any team. This past week, we wrapped up the 9th city of our tour and we can’t believe there are only 3 left. Hopefully you’ve been able to join us along the way to meet members of our team, to uncover the best practices when launching or iterating a subscription business, and to network with other leaders in your local community.

If not, check out the rest of our tour dates and see if you’ll be able to join us in Munich, Palo Alto, or Milan!

While it’s not over yet, we did want to take a step back to reflect on some of the memorable moments we’ve shared so far with the thousands who have shown up all around the world.

We hosted our very first series of vertical Subscribed events in Chicago and New York City where we engaged with attendees who work in IoT, SaaS, and D2C. Then, our team headed south to Austin, where we launched the 1st Zuora Community Chapter.

Here are some speakers from Subscribed for SaaS in NYC: Peter Zotto (GM, ProfitWell), Tom Axbey (CEO, CloudHealth), Mark Allbee (VP Finance, BetterCloud), and Carl Gold (Chief Data Scientist, Zuora)

Shortly after, we jetted off to Europe and held back to back events in Paris and London with 1,100 subscription leaders. Talk about a packed house! In Paris, we released the Subscribed Book in French (woohoo!) and in London, we launched the latest Subscription Economy Index. We also heard from customers like Saint-Gobain, Recygo, Radiuz, Yara, and more.

Standing room only in London!

And, finally, this past week, we traveled from one corner of the globe to another and held 3 events across Sydney, Tokyo, and Seattle. From discussing subscription energy services to eating Subscribed-branded Kit Kats, it was a week for the books. Keep your eye on the Zuora blog to get the takeaways from our most recent events.

Liked what you’ve read here and don’t want to miss out? There’s still a chance. See the remaining cities here and join us on tour. If you can’t make it, keep an eye on the blog and follow along on Twitter for live updates!

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