Subscription Economy News: Week of 10/14/2019

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The most convenient features of FordPass are now free

Excerpts from an article by Sean Szymkowski on 

The experience of an automobile extends past the actual vehicle itself these days. Connectivity, apps and smart functions involving Google, Apple and Amazon have given automakers a whole new world to take advantage of, and Ford is making some of the most convenient connectivity features totally free.

FordPass, which Ford owners can use to control numerous vehicle functions from a phone, will now feature free connected services. Remote-starting the car, unlocking it and even scheduling maintenance are now part of a free service for cars that feature the FordPass Connect system.

FordPass was previously a service offered via one-, two- and five-year subscriptions, though the Wi-Fi hotspot function will not be a complimentary feature. Also, connected service functions need to rely on AT&T network availability.

For more, read the full article on And watch Jamie Allison, Ford’s Director of Mobility and Consumer Experience explain the company’s transformation from a “car company” to a “mobility company” at Zuora’s Subscribed conference.

Delta Air Lines Sells a New Subscription That Indirectly Includes Overhead Bin Access

Excerpts from an article by Brian Sumers on Skift

Delta’s new platform, SkyMiles Select offers customers access to Delta’s Group 1 boarding, allowing them earlier crack at bin space. They’ll also receive eight free drink vouchers — worth about $70 — along with a snazzy luggage tag, worth $0. The service costs $59 annually.

The subscription appears to be aimed at somewhat frequent travelers who neither have one of the airline’s American Express credit cards, which come with priority boarding, nor hold elite frequent flyer status.

With this product, Delta may be seeking to test the market for subscription-related services. Many airlines also offer subscriptions for checked baggage and inflight WiFi. But there are indications more offerings could be coming, as airlines notice the same trends as other businesses, including food kit companies like Blue Apron, content services like Netflix, and retailers like Amazon. All rely on the steady revenue stream subscriptions provide.

For more, read the full article on Skift

Google will offer whole-home Nest Aware subscription plans

Excerpts from an article by Christine Fisher on EndGadget

Google’s Nest Aware subscription plans let users record what’s happening and get alerts from their Nest Cams and Nest Hello doorbells. Until now, you’ve had to add a subscription for each additional camera. Today, Google announced that it’s simplifying things a bit. Beginning early next year, it will introduce whole-home subscriptions.

For a monthly fee, you’ll be able to get Nest Aware support for your whole home, whether you have two cameras or ten. Google will offer two plan options: 30 days of event video history for $6 per month, or 60 days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 video history for $12 per month. The company promises it will be easy to switch over from existing subscriptions, too.

For more, read the full article on EndGadget

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