The Subscribed World Tour Stops in Sydney & Tokyo

This year’s Subscribed World Tour events in Sydney and Tokyo were both bigger than ever – More attendees, more speakers, and more branded Kit Kats. We held Subscribed Sydney on the 15th of October and welcomed a diverse group of attendees and companies, including disruptors, representatives of traditional companies changing their business models, Australian Subscription […]

Software Engineer Turned International Traveler

by Pilar Pickering, Senior Software Engineer and Sarah Shaffer, Employer Branding Marketing Intern Meet Pilar. Pilar joined Zuora back in 2017 as a Software Engineer, quickly earning her Senior title a year later. Pilar is a coding powerhouse and leverages her technical prowess to drive innovation on her team in The States and overseas. We […]

Where are the new business models?

This article was first published in by Michael Mansard, Principal Business Transformation & Innovation, Zuora and Jean-Michel Cagin, Senior Partner, Roland Berger.    The hallmarks of an Industry 4.0 environment are the ever-changing new business models. But to date, only a few companies have seen it. Schneider Electric now has a couple of models […]

How Brands Succeed or Fail

Last week, Charles Trevail, CEO of Interbrand, sent me their list of the top 100 global brands of 2019. This is a company that has been studying and building brands for over 40 years, and their insights are always worthwhile. In the report’s thought-provoking introduction, there’s a really interesting discussion about how, because people are […]

The Subscribed World Tour is Coming to a Wrap!

A few months ago, we had our eyes set on launching the Subscribed World Tour across 12 cities and 10 countries, a major feat for any team. This past week, we wrapped up the 9th city of our tour and we can’t believe there are only 3 left. Hopefully you’ve been able to join us […]

Standing Out From The Subscription Crowd: How Kayo Has Done Things Differently

This article was first published on by Edward Pollitt.    As subscription video services continue to surge in popularity, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s now imperative for services to find a way to stand out. When Kayo Sports launched in November last year, the aim was to satisfy Australia’s seemingly endless thirst […]

Subscribed Sydney 2019: It’s all about the customer

For weeks leading up to Subscribed Sydney, which was held on the 15th of October, we talked about bringing together the largest group of Subscription Economy participants in the southern hemisphere. And we weren’t exaggerating. There was a lot to take in, but if you didn’t get to every session, or if you couldn’t make […]

Subscriptions, the new horizon of companies

This article was first published in Le Figaro with the title “L’abonnement, le nouvel horizon des entreprises” by Bertille Bayar   At a time when everyone wants to rethink – or destroy – capitalism, the concept of ownership is particularly debated. Thomas Piketty, the economist and author of Capital and Ideology, imagines a property made […]

The Netflix effect: how to turn anything into a subscription

This article was originally published in Australian Financial Review.    Peter O’Connell wants you to think of your electricity bill the same way you think of your Netflix bill. Which is to say, you don’t think about it. The telecommunications company he co-founded, Amaysim, is in the process of rolling out a new energy service […]

EMEA Subscribed 2019 SEE Awards

The Zuora Subscription Economy® Excellence (SEE) Awards recognize our customer companies that are truly visionaries in the Subscription Economy. At Subscribed London 2019, Chris Battles, Chief Product Officer, announced the European companies fully embracing the global shift toward subscription-based revenue models and demonstrating exceptional growth, innovation and success in the following categories: Supergrower, Innovator and […]