Meet the Interns: September 2019

by Zuora interns: Cami Steppe, Employee Communications, and Sarah Shaffer, Employer Brand Marketing

And that’s a wrap… Zuora Interns are officially back to school! Over the span of just one summer, our interns have completed valuable projects, broadened their networks, and have evolved as professionals in the industry. 

We wanted to catch them one last time before they officially waved goodbye and scattered themselves around the globe, so we sat down with two interns, Emily and Nilofar, to learn a rundown of their summer here at Zuora. It’s time we hear all about it! 

Emily Hutchison 

Meet ZEO Emily Hutchison, a rising junior at Cal Poly SLO, studying business administration with a concentration in finance. Emily, a Bay Area native, came home for the summer to join Zuora as a Revenue Accounting intern on our Finance team. 

Zuora first stood out to Emily because of the growth potential and energy constantly surrounding the company. To dive deeper into learning what Zuora was all about, Emily connected with fellow employees and heard just how incredible being part of the Zuora family is and the opportunities present for both personal and professional growth, even for their interns.

“I really felt that working at Zuora would be a great investment into my future.”

She was not wrong. Now that she’s here, she sees just how happy ZEOs are working at Zuora. Everything she heard before became a reality. She believes the energy-filled environment and support system here at Zuora reveals just how special Zuora’s company culture is.  When asked how she would describe a ZEO, Emily replied with three simple words: hardworking (work hard, play hard though, of course), helpful, and welcoming. 

“When first started, I could tell at first glance that Zuora was the most welcoming environment full of kind-hearted people.” 

If you walk by Emily’s desk, you’ll find her working with RevPro and Zuora billing, referencing contracts, quality checking and auditing. Emily has been exposed to all things finance and has had the opportunity to learn how her role can make a noticeable impact at a larger scale. 

“I really appreciate having mentors and learning about their career paths, and applying their advice to my own career.” 

Emily has fully immersed herself in the world of finance and the lessons she’s learned along the way will go well beyond her desk here at Zuora. 

Fast Facts about Emily:

  • Emily’s favorite snack in the Zuora kitchen? Avocado toast
  • Unique fact? Broke her neck in a lacrosse game….ouch 
  • 10 years from now… Emily hopes to be some type of manager, she wants to have completed JD/MBA program, and it’d be amazing if she could be a CFO (shooting for the stars, ya know)

Nilofar Rawji

Meet ZEO, Nilofar Rawji, a recent graduate from Ohlone College where she earned an associate’s degree in Information Technology and Database Administration after moving from Mumbai, India where she received her bachelor’s degree.

In India, Nilofar had a background in textiles and retail management; however, when she moved to the Bay Area, she knew she wanted to do something out of the ordinary for her. Being surrounded with opportunity in Silicon Valley, she believed that to be technology. With immense support from her husband she went back to school to explore the countless areas within the realm of tech. With a growing love for the field, she knew this was something she wanted to do. 

Following graduation, she pursued IT internships to apply what she learned in school to the real-world. She came across Zuora and, shortly thereafter, joined us as a Business Technology Support Specialist Intern on our ZEUS team. 

“Zuora stood out to me because of their commitment to customer success, application of cutting edge technology, empowering their employees and supportive team members.” 

Despite having several offers from companies much closer to her home in Fremont, Nilofar chose to take on the commute because of the memorable, positive interview experience she had at Zuora. 

“I met the team in person, and the interview didn’t really feel like an interview, but more like we were getting to know each other. I already felt like I was part of the team. As soon as I left, I just knew I had to work here.” 

If you walked by Nilofar’s desk, a “coming back soon!” sign would most likely be hung. She is constantly on the run resolving tech issues of other ZEOs, making her a known and loved face in the office. From creating and updating documentation for IT procedures to leading IT onboarding for new hires to playing a vital IT role for Subscribed, Nilofar has been a leader through and through . 

“I’ve never been made to feel like an intern, I’m given the same responsibilities as my peers and have the autonomy and authority to voice my opinions and ideas Unlike other companies where interns might not have a direct say or involvement, at Zuora we are treated as equals and given an infinite opportunity to learn.”

Taking the next step in her career,  Nilofar is transitioning to a position as a contractor on our IT team. She is incredibly thankful to all of Zuora, especially her manager, Brian Tomaszewski, for giving her the opportunity to continue her time as a valuable asset of the Zuora family.

Fast facts about Nilofar:

  • Favorite Snack in the Zuora kitchen? Dry Roasted Edamame Spicy Wasabi 
  • Unique fact? Obsessed with the color black 
  • 10 years from now… hopes to have traveled to every continent and become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional 

Thank you Zuora interns for spending your summer with us and for all of the valuable contributions you made throughout the last few months! We already miss your smiling faces around the office, but we look forward to seeing all the great things that each of you will accomplish over the years to come. There is no doubt you all are off to do big things!

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