NoAm Subscribed 2019 SEE Awards

NoAm Subscribed 2019 SEE Awards

The Zuora SEE Awards (Subscription Economy Excellence) recognize our customer companies that are truly visionaries in the Subscription Economy. At Subscribed 2019, Rachel English, Director, Customer Experience; Tom Krackeler, SVP, Products at Zuora; and Lana Lee, Senior Community Strategist at Zuora, gave out the awards for Supergrower, Innovator, Transformer, Recognizer, Champion, and Community All-Star.

And the winners are….

Supergrower: Carbonite

em>Award accepted by Irwin Weiss, VP of IT, and team

In recognition of the winning company’s extraordinary recent subscription revenue expansion.

Awarded because of Carbonite’s incredibly rapid growth, scaling to 1M+ subscribers on Zuora and moving their acquired business units and companies onto the Zuora platform.

Runner Up: Bloomberg

Innovator: eMoney Advisor

Award accepted by Megan Murray, Head of Finance, and team

In recognition of the winning company’s incredible success with a groundbreaking approach in the Subscription Economy.

Awarded because they are leading the charge in the Software-as-a-Service space for financial services offerings, and have switched their full business model onto subscriptions.

Runner Up: Stansberry Research

Transformer: Modernizing Medicine

Award accepted by Valerie Alaniz, Accounting Manager

In recognition of the winning company’s inspiring leadership in evolving the Subscription Economy.

Awarded because they have continually innovated and invested in technologies that drive growth for their business and create opportunities for them in the EHR space.

Runner Up: Carbonite

Recognizer: CDK Global

Award accepted by Steve Judge, VP of Finance Transformation.

In recognition of the winning company’s vision and excellence in revenue recognition.

Awarded because of their leadership in process and technology transformation to implement ASC 606 and operate in the modern economy.

Runner Up: NetApp

Champion: Pandora

Award accepted by Genevieve O’Neill, Revenue Accounting Manager, and Jennifer Zeni, Product Owner for Finance Revenue Systems.

The Champion award was this year’s “Wild Card,” a unique category crafted every year by the awards committee. In recognition of the winning company’s commitment to Subscription Economy best practices.

Awarded because of their partnership and resilience in rebounding from a struggle to automate revenue recognition under the new ASC 606 standards and ultimately championing and achieving success with a superior solution.

Community All-Star: Maggie Longshore, Principal Software Engineer, ConstructConnect

Award accepted on Maggie’s behalf by Erin Havens, Financial Systems Administrator, ConstructConnect

In recognition of the winning individual’s exceptional contributions helpful to the Zuora Community.

Awarded because of her phenomenally self-motivated efforts sharing her expertise with other Zuora customers and partners in the Zuora Community. Maggie has even gone so far as to share sample code and implementation details with others. And when she doesn’t know the answer, she tags someone who does, so that the Community member gets all the information they need to move forward…and that’s what the Community is all about!

We’d love to hear YOUR Subscription Economy success story. Reach out to your account owner if you want to share your story — and maybe you’ll be a Zuora SEE Award winner too!

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