Zuora Announces the Launch of Zuora.org

June 3, 2019

We believe that the Subscription Economy has the power to benefit everyone. It can democratize access to industries like transportation and housing that, for many, have had high barriers to entry. It can create sustainable communities by more efficiently using resources and commodities. And, it puts people and relationships at the center of every interaction which is essential to creating understanding and collaboration.

The Subscription Economy–and the move from ownership to usership–is a once-in-a-century shift that is having a major impact on consumers and businesses alike. We believe it will unlock growth, drive new levels of efficiency, and create value.

But we’ve seen the social benefits of technology fall short, and far too often the promises of strengthened communities turn out to be empty.

So how do we ensure the gains that we unlock are shared by a broader base of people? Or put another way, we know the Subscription Economy has the power to benefit the world, but how do we ensure those benefits are widely distributed?

In 2017 Zuora took the 1% Pledge, and committed to using our equity, time, and product for the greater good. And even before this, impassioned employees around the world took the initiative to start volunteering and fundraising efforts to benefit their communities.

Now, it’s time for us to take the next step.

“We’re very excited to launch Zuora.org; it’s important for us to be thoughtful about facilitating unique experiences for our employees, experiences that enable them to bring their whole selves to work. This launch will further augment grassroots efforts where ZEO’s–our employees–are able to chart their own path while supporting causes that matter to them and making a difference in the world.” stated Karen Gaydon, SVP ZEO Success.

Zuora.org comprises three initiatives: the Zuora Impact Fund which invests in mission-aligned non-profits and social enterprises; employee-driven volunteer and fundraising activation; and use of Zuora products and services in the non-profit sector.

The Zuora Impact Fund

At our IPO Zuora set aside 1% of equity to be used to support philanthropic endeavours. And earlier this year, in partnership with the Tides Foundation, we launched the Zuora Impact Fund.

This fund is our opportunity to accelerate the positive impact we make in our communities, and will fund strategic grants to missioned aligned non-profits and social enterprises.

This year Zuora committed $1,000,000 to be used to fund grants to organizations that are working tirelessly to help bridge the opportunity gap. Our first grant cycle will commence later this year, and we plan on contributing annually to this fund.


At the core of Zuora’s culture, and the heart of Zuora.org, is all of the work that ZEOs, or our global employee base, do in their communities. As ZEOs we know that if we show initiative and put in the work, we’re able to create new opportunities and reach new levels of success. We want to help members of our community do the same, and as such Zuora supports the passions and efforts of all employees.

Non-Profit Enablement

We know that the Subscription Economy will have tremendous benefit to businesses. We want to make sure that the non-profit sector is able to unlock this new opportunity as well.

We’re committed to working with non-profits to help them take advantage of the Subscription Economy to transform the way that they engage with their donors and amplify the good they’re doing for our communities. Later this year, we’ll roll out programs that leverage our product and employee skills to help support non-profits around the world.

While we’re extremely excited with the formation of Zuora.org, we know this is just the start. We look forward to partnering with our employees, our customers and our communities to make sure the Subscription Economy benefits us all.

For more information visit www.zuora.org or reach out to zuora4good@zuora.com.