MGI 360 Billing Management Ratings Update for Zuora

MGI 360 Billing Management Ratings Update for Zuora

For the second time this year, MGI has announced they are increasing their 360 rating for Zuora in the Billing Management market as a result of strong momentum post IPO.

With this latest update, Zuora’s score increased in three out of the five evaluated categories (product, management team, and channels) for a new overall score of 63.

This latest update makes Zuora tied for the highest rated vendor overall and the number one pure Cloud Billing Solution in the ratings.

MGI 360 Ratings is a comprehensive system for evaluating technology companies. IT organizations use MGI 360 to track suppliers, assess purchasing risks and identify promising new vendors. Vendors utilize MGI 360 to track their markets and evaluate partners. Institutional Investors use MGI 360 for independent assessment of tech companies. MGI 360 ratings help lower costs, save time, reduce risks, and identify new opportunities.

Here are just a few highlights from Zuora’s updated ratings report (with some additional information for context):

“Product score increased from 12.62 to 12.84 reflecting a roll out of the Zuora Collect product and synergies from relatively successful absorption of the Leeyo Automated Revenue Management product [now Zuora RevPro].” – MGI

Zuora Collect offers an automated solution to maximize collections success. With Zuora Collect, you can automate collection tasks and processes, orchestrate retry rules and actions, and manage all collection tasks in one place to optimize collections for your subscription business.

Zuora RevPro is the world’s leading revenue automation solution for ASC 606 and IFRS 15. With RevPro, companies can automate revenue management, meet compliance for the latest revenue standards, and accelerate time to close.

“When compared to the early entry by Salesforce [into the Agile Billing market], the Zuora solution is broader, deeper more mature and backed by a more seasoned team.” – MGI

“Use Case: Monetization projects that need full spectrum subscription management with medium transaction volumes and modest to moderate complexity across a range of company sizes (from SME to very large) with billing value of $25Mil to $1Bil as the sweet spot.” – MGI

Check out our customer stories to see some of these use cases in action.

And access the full updated MGI 360 Report here.

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