Subscribed New York Highlights!

Subscribed New York Highlights!



“When we talk about corporate culture, it’s not about ping pong tables and happy hours. It’s about finding our identity. Figuring out who we want to be. Culture is not a line item. It’s much more abstract.”

Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora @tientzuo @zuora


“It’s a statistically significant relationship — the more changes subscribers are making, the higher the growth rate.”

Carl Gold,  Chief Data Scientist, Zuora @card24k @zuora



“SaaS platforms are actually forcing functions that make sure your organization is oriented around best practices. You’re updating when it’s updating.”

John Faulkner, CFO, Hostway @Hostway



“There are some companies that build their own systems well. Those companies happen to be Facebook and Amazon.”

Brian Hoyt, CIO, Unity @Unity3d


“My company’s revenue grew from 5 million to 25 million in three years. And my accounting software terrified me — I couldn’t identify lost business and opportunity costs, and I wasn’t sure if I was compliant.”

Alex Gardner, CFO, SmartLinx @SmartLinx



“At the time my company wanted to be a Tesla, but the truth is that we were closer to a Ford Taurus.”

Gillian Munson, CFO, XO Group @gillym @XOGroupInc


“Eight years ago, when I first started really thinking about how to solve revenue recognition, all the roads lead to Excel. And I wondered about that.”

Jagan Reddy, VP RevPro, Zuora



“Direct-to-consumer businesses offering free trials are going to be dealing with a lot of cancels. So having the agility to be able to offer a discounted ‘cancel save’ price is crucial.”

Stuart Whitman, Head of Product Management, Clear @Clear


“Discounting. You need to stop it.”

Patrick Campbell, CEO, Profitwell @Patticus @ProfitWell




“We’re in the process of breaking away from decades of ad-based journalism, and starting to focus on what our readers really want.”

Alan Murray, President, Fortune Magazine @alansmurray @FortuneMagazine


“To subscribe can mean to pay for something on a recurring basis, but it can also mean to believe.”

Stacey Cunningham, President, New York Stock Exchange @stacey_cunning @NYSE



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