Managing SaaS in the Modern IT Org

The rise of modern IT and SaaS software management are dramatically changing the role of the CIO. At a recent Dreamforce panel, IT leaders from Zuora, Okta, and Nutanix discussed how to practice “safe SaaS,” IT hiring, measuring the ROI of SaaS platforms, the CIO role in business transformation, and more.

IT Visionaries: Exponential Tech and the Future of IT

Chad Grills, CEO of the Mission; Alpna Doshi, CIO for Philips; Jo-ann Olsovsky, CIO for Salesforce; and Zuora CIO, Alvina Antar, lead off the IT Visionaries track at Dreamforce 2018, in a discussion about how today’s CIOs are driving innovation and leading organizational change.

The Subscription Economy Index Update: Fall 2018

Highlights from the latest Subscription Economy Index (SEI) report including insights around subscription growth vs S&P 500; ARPA vs Net Account Growth; revenue growth by company type; churn rates by business model, industry, company size, and region; growth by region; and more.

Join Zuora at Dreamforce 2018

Here’s where to connect with Zuora at Dreamforce. Come learn more about the Third Cloud, meet with product experts, enjoy a VIP wine-tasting experience, and more.

Car Subscriptions Explained

Vehicle ownership will give way to subscription in years to come, say Zuora executives. “Isn’t a vehicle subscription just another word for a lease? Well, no. A lease still binds you to a specific vehicle, whereas a subscription can potentially offer you access to a range of vehicles.”

Zuora Honors Our Veterans

Zuora profiles two of our esteemed veteran ZEOs to show our support of them and of all veterans, and to spread awareness around this year’s Continuum Veterans Foundation Event to benefit Hire Heroes USA which we are proudly sponsoring on September 13, 2018.