Zuora VP & CSO Pritesh Parekh Featured Keynote at ISE® West Executive Forum

Zuora VP & CSO Pritesh Parekh Featured Keynote at ISE® West Executive Forum

Today, August 16th, the ISE® West Executive Forum and Awards 2018 were held in San Francisco, California. The ISE® West Award recognizes the information security executives and their teams who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in risk management, data asset protection, regulatory compliance, privacy, and network security.

For more than a decade, the Information Security Executive® (ISE®) of the Year Award Program Series has empowered security executives and their project teams to Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate. Recognized as the industry’s most prestigious IT Security award program, it has become the most anticipated award program for security executives and their project teams because it offers opportunities to benchmark against other leading security programs, while providing a channel for well-deserved recognition and visibility.

At this year’s event, Zuora VP & Chief Security Officer Pritesh Parekh was honored to deliver the ISE® West Keynote Address on the subject of building an enterprise security program.

Pritesh has 18 years of experience in building and managing enterprise security programs, with the last 12 years spent focused on leading security for Cloud platforms. Pritesh’s team won the Best Security Team award at SC awards 2016. He was also an ISE® West Executive Award Finalist in 2017 and 2016, ISE® North America Executive: Financial Award Winner 2017, ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2017, and ISE® North America Executive: Commercial Award Finalist 2016, finalist for CSO of the Year award and elected Judge for SC Awards 2016.

Here are just a few highlights from Pritesh’s keynote address:

“The traditional mindset of focusing on perimeter security and whack-a-mole fixes isn’t enough.”

“If you’ve seen a security problem in the past, and you’re seeing it now — there’s a fundamental problem. You need to address the root cause.”

“Our customers expect that we will provide them with the highest level of security. Security is a competitive advantage.”

“How can you align your security strategy with the business and take a risk-based approach? If your security isn’t aligned with the business, there is no buy-in.”

“What to be an enterprise security leader? Look at companies that are already leaders in security and make a plan to get there with a phased approach.”

“Build a 360 degree view of your security program. Look holistically at the organization. Make security a layer of the organization.”

“It’s not just about taking actions against threats, but reducing the threats. How do you proactively enforce avoiding threats.”

“Fundamentally, the goal of security is to have strong trust with your customers, your partners, and your employees.”

“We spend more time selecting our security services that we do implementing. Have a foundational process for selecting your products.”

“You have to expect a data breach. It’s inevitable. You have to plan for it. Have a comprehensive playbook: who are the stakeholders, how are you going to communicate this out to customers?”

And finally…

“Establish a culture of security ownership. If you’re not enforcing security, it’s hard to convince folks of the importance of it.”

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