And the 2018 Subscribed Customer Awards Go To...

We love our customers…and we love to take any opportunity we can to highlight the great things that they are doing using Zuora: their innovations, their successes, their transformations.

At Subscribed 2018 in San Francisco, our annual conference dedicated to Subscription Economy success and to our Zuora users, we were very pleased to announce our Subscribed Customer Awards.

Read on to find out who won the award in the categories of Supergrower, Innovator, Transformer, Early Adopter, and CAO Hero.

Supergrower: Practice Fusion

The Supergrower Award was awarded to Practice Fusion for achieving incredible growth in its transition to a new subscription model.

At Subscribed, Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo talked about expansion being the future of growth in the Subscription Economy. Practice Fusion, a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, has handily demonstrated that with an incredible trajectory of expansion in subscriptions over the past few months.

They’ve utilized a smart pricing strategy, converting tens of thousands of doctors’ offices to a new subscription model and strategically launching products and monetizing features to maintain and strengthen customer loyalty. They aim to serve small and medium-sized medical offices and have helped providers move off of legacy systems to the cloud, allowing providers to be better connected. In the process, they have positioned themselves at the forefront of the medical industry’s massive shift to cloud systems.

Innovator: Caterpillar

The Innovator Award was awarded to Caterpillar for exhibiting a new, groundbreaking approach to a Subscription Economy scenario.

Caterpillar Inc. is a Fortune 500 company which designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance. Now, this 130+ year old company is breaking new ground – both literally, with their Next Generation Excavators, and figuratively!

With their Cat Connect service, Caterpillar is innovating on ways to connect all of their customers’ assets – people, materials, tools, and equipment. They’ve shifted the focus from products to services: from how many tractors do you want to how many tons of dirt do you need moved? And in the process, they’ve successfully brought over 100 dealers onto a new kind of subscription, providing access to invaluable customer data and insight by leveraging the Internet of Things.

Transformer: Electronic Arts

The Transformer Award was awarded to Electronic Arts for demonstrating leadership in the Subscription Economy.

Leading global interactive entertainment software company, Electronic Arts, has undergone a complete revenue transformation, adopting the new ASC 606 standards and converting from a purely custom tool to move onto RevPro for all their revenue recognition.

Their stellar IT team has worked in lock-step with Zuora’s implementation team. RevPro was never considered to be an isolated system, but rather an important part of EA’s whole ecosystem. EA business and IT teams, in partnership with the Zuora team, never compromised on the solution. They worked together as one force to ensure that, throughout the project, milestones were never missed or delayed. As a result, the rollout was a phenomenal success.

Early Adopter: Zoom

The Early Adopter Award was awarded to Zoom for their enthusiasm and energy in pushing the envelope by using and giving feedback on new Zuora products and features.

Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise video communications, was among the first of our customers to try the new RevPro UI, to turn on Order Metrics, and to plan their path toward adopting Zuora’s new Subscription Orders functionality.

Their commitment and feedback along the way have been instrumental in helping us ensure that these new features meet our customers’ needs and can be adopted seamlessly. We’re so appreciative of our ongoing partnership with Zoom.

CAO Hero: Joe Allanson of Salesforce

The CAO Hero Award was awarded to Joe Allanson of Salesforce for being an inspiration to Chief Accounting Officers across industries and around the globe!

And finally, Joe Allanson of Salesforce is truly a CAO Hero. He and his team were one of the first to go live with RevPro on ASC 606, and always went the extra mile alongside the Zuora team throughout their implementation. As a result, Salesforce’s entire business is now running on ASC 606 and processing all of their revenue through RevPro.

Congrats to all of our 2018 Subscribed Customer Award winners! You are truly role models, and there is so much to learn from your achievements.

Learn more about our wonderful Zuora customers and their amazing stories.

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