MGI 360 Billing Management Zuora Ratings Update for 2018

MGI 360 Billing Management Zuora Ratings Update for 2018

In a just released report, MGI Research announced that they increased their MGI 360 rating of Zuora in the Billing Management market from 61 to 62 and reiterated a POSITIVE outlook.

The recent upgrade of Zuora’s MGI 360 Rating currently places it as #1 amongst cloud-based agile billing solutions.

According to MGI Research, this ratings increase was a result of several factors, including:

– Over the last 12-18 months Zuora has shown a steady improvement in execution, sales focus, and R&D discipline together with stronger cost controls and better customer feedback.
– Investment into microservices architecture is allowing for more modular packaging and faster time-to-market.
– Zuora is adding lightweight modules for CPQ and a Payment Management component that also provides expanded Collections capability.
– Acquisition of revenue recognition specialist Leeyo added an important product (RevPro – not rated here) that is currently in the sweet spot of customer demand together with skilled talent and an attractive client base.

In summary, the MGI 360 update asserts that, in their view, Zuora has significant headroom for further growth.

Use Case: Monetization projects that need subscription management with medium transaction volumes and modest to moderate complexity across a spectrum of company sizes (from SME to very large) with billing value of $25Mil to $250Mil as the sweet spot.

MGI 360 Ratings is a comprehensive system for evaluating technology companies. IT organizations use MGI 360 to track suppliers, assess purchasing risks and identify promising new vendors. Vendors utilize MGI 360 to track their markets and evaluate partners. Institutional Investors use MGI 360 for independent assessment of tech companies. MGI 360 ratings help lower costs, save time, reduce risks, and identify new opportunities.

The MGI 360 ratings are on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflect company opinions of MGI analysts in five key areas on a scale of 0 to 20:

  • PRODUCT: How strong is the product competitive position
  • MANAGEMENT: How competent and experienced is the management team
  • CHANNELS: Does the company have a sales capability and channels needed to bring products to market
  • STRATEGY: Does the company have a realistic view of the opportunity and a compelling strategy for success
  • FINANCE: Is the company growing and profitable.

Each of these key criteria is subdivided into numerous sub-categories. In total, over 125 criteria are combined to generate an MGI 360 rating in each specific market space.

View the MGI 360 rating update on Zuora.

About MGI Research
MGI Research is an independent industry research and advisory firm focused on disruptive trends in the technology industry. Through subscription research, advisory engagements, industry studies and ratings, MGI Research helps clients identify opportunities for reducing IT costs and minimize technology risks.

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