Announcing the Winners of Our Subscribed 2018 Hackathon

July 17, 2018

This year we hosted our 2nd Annual Hackathon and boy was it one for the books!

The rules were simple… hackers had 24 hours to build an app on the Zuora Connect marketplace with just the Connect Starter Package. Zuora Connect is our app marketplace where we have 80+ apps and 50+ partners that extend Zuora to meet unique business needs.

For the first time ever, we opened our hackathon to more than just our customers and there was overwhelming response. We had over 50 hackers participate, ranging from Zuora customers to university students on summer break. And the winners on each team got some truly fantastic prizes: a MacBook Air, an Apple Watch, a Nintendo Switch, and an Oculus Go.

And now for our amazing winners, some of whom pulled an all-nighter to work on their projects. It was amazing to see how much each team was able to accomplish with just the Connect Starter Package and developer documentation. Read on to learn more about the winning teams (all pictured below with Tom Krackeler, SVP Products at Zuora).

Winner for BEST INTEGRATION… Team Lob

They leveraged Zuora callouts to grab invoices from Zuora Central to send direct mail to customers
Fun Fact: This was a team that knew exactly what they were going to build as soon as they got to the hackathon
Prize: Oculus Go

Winner for MOST REUSABLE SOLUTION… Team Snacknation

They modified open source library code with Zuora components to build a data transformation ETL tool
Fun Fact: This was the most independent team of the entire hackathon; non-stop cranking and not a single question
Prize: Nintendo Switch


This team built a marketplace that allowed Zuora customers to be able to connect with collection agencies and attorneys by building on our newest product, Zuora Collect, now Generally Available
Fun Fact: This team was prepared with their own monitor
Prize: Apple Watch

Winner for BEST OVERALL… Team Crypto

This team built a payment gateway allowing customers to pay their bills with crypto-currency
Fun Fact: Nobody on this team knew each other prior to the hackathon. Mix of customers, students, and interns. Only finishing team to work through the entire night, making use of every minute possible
Prize: MacBook Air

Congratulations to all of our winners!

It was truly an honor being able to see how much these developers were able to build in 24 hours. We’re excited to continue to see these developers build the future of the Subscription Economy. Special thanks to our sponsor Pendula for helping us make this such an incredible event.

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