Zuora Continues to Invest in Exceptional Customer UX with a Complete Overhaul of the RevPro UI

Find out what’s new and improved with RevPro…and how you can get this upgrade now!

At Zuora, we don’t just believe in delivering the best product and functionality, we’re also deeply committed to the best user experience for our customers. That’s why we spent the past twelve months completely redesigning and improving the RevPro user interface (UI).

Take a sneak peek at the new RevPro UI here:

One year ago, we realized the legacy RevPro UI framework needed to evolve to a new level to better serve our customers. We wanted to deliver better performance, speed, and a more modern look and feel. We also recognized that limitations with our old UI infrastructure prevented us from showcasing the power of RevPro to its greatest potential. This was the moment our leadership team decided to invest in the best people and technology to drive a significant change.

In early 2017, the team started looking at different technologies. The search was thorough and involved evaluation of many javascript technologies, vender meetings, and several costly POCs. In the end, we chose Angular, the only solution that could meet the complex needs of the accounting world and RevPro’s powerful functionality.

The planning, execution, and testing took over a year to complete. Our engineering and product teams spent countless nights and weekends, made dozens of trips around the globe, and coordinated harmonious engineering efforts across San Jose and Chennai team members. The passion, grit, and collaboration this team exhibited is a testament to the ZEO culture and our company’s steadfast commitment to delivering the best product and user experience to our customers.

Many thanks to all the leaders and teams who supported us throughout this journey: Jagan Reddy, Monika Saha, Anuradha Singh, Sai PrasadMarri, Ragav Valayapathy, Ajayakumar Muralikumar, Senthilkumar Balasubramanian, Sairaj Kumar, Santhosh TedduSrinivasan, Vignesh BalaKrishnan, Mohamed Naleem, Arvind Sundarrajan, Rajasekhar Reddy, Kathy Pearson, Kranti Atluri, Srinivas Chadalavada, Sreedhar, and the entire QA team.

Incorporating years of learning, customer feedback, and user design expertise, the New RevPro UI offers:

  • Improved performance and faster load times
  • Redesigned application-wide navigation that’s intuitive and user friendly
  • New and optimized reporting capabilities

The matrix below details all of the enhancements delivered with the New RevPro UI.

FAQ about the New RevPro UI can be found here.

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