Create a seamless customer experience with the Zuora Events Framework


Today, in the Subscription Economy, people have the freedom to subscribe, renew, pause, upgrade, etc. to every service that they want on-demand. This means that on the back-end, you need to make sure that every customer event is recorded and systems are triggered so your customers get a seamless experience. For example, if a customer upgrades her software subscription, there’s an expectation that new product features will automatically be added. If she renews her subscription, there’s an expectation that she’ll receive a thank you email as well as a receipt.

Typically, for this to happen, you would need to hire staff to manually record these events and manually carry out tasks like sending reminder emails or de-provisioning a service. BUT… in the Subscription Economy, we see more customer events than ever before. How much more? Within our customer base, we, on average, see 4 subscription changes per subscriber per year. So if you have 1M subscribers, that’s 4M manual changes! That means, as your business scales, you create more and more of a burden on manual processes.

Events Framework

That’s why as part of Spring ‘18, we’re launching our new Events Framework and redesigned Notifications as part of the Zuora Central Platform. Built on open source technology, this framework captures, filters, and manages massive amounts of events within the Zuora Central Platform and can then publish the key events out to your ecosystem. Whether that means a customer decides to renew, update his credit card info, upgrade, you name it… we’ll have an event for that, which will let you automate and provide a seamless customer experience.

Why is the Events Framework important?

  • Automation – capture every customer event that matters to your business and design email notifications and API callouts that jumpstart automatically whenever one of those events happen
  • Personalization – create your own Configurable Events tailored to your business (e.g. change in custom field)
  • Scalability – process and deliver millions of events to your entire ecosystem

The Events Framework is a foundational platform service that our team is excited to leverage to bring you even more capabilities that tailor Zuora even more for your business. And as part of our Spring ‘18 Launch, we’re bringing the first of many to you with our redesigned Notifications.


With Notifications, we give customers the ability to configure notifications based off of events and automatically deliver them as customer emails or system callouts. With the added enhancement of Flexible Filter Rules, you can now take any event and fine-tune the conditions under which a notification is sent (e.g. get notified when a subscription status changes to a specific value).

With Notifications, customers now have the power to automatically:

  • Send a customer a welcome email when they subscribe
  • Send a customer an email when overage is hit
  • Provision service when customer subscribes
  • De-provision service when subscription is suspended
  • And more!

Try it out yourself in a Zuora Sandbox or by signing up for a Zuora Test Drive today!

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