Subscription Economy News – Week of 1/22/18

January 26, 2018

Every week, we bring you the top stories and analyses from the global Subscription Economy!

Can Vehicle Leasing Stay On Track As Subscription Models Hit The Fast Lane?

By Sarwant Singh in Forbes

“Lower credit requirements, easy contractual obligations, flexible time frames and the almost all-inclusive extra services (concierge service, anyone?) have meant that car subscription is far more attractive than leasing and has none of the attendant responsibilities and hassles of outright ownership. It’s literally car-on-demand, an approach that has got leasing companies and car dealerships shaken and stirred.”

The New Publishing Economy: An Optimistic Case For the Industry in 2018

By Jeanne DeWitt in MediaShift

“New high-tech tools and platforms have emerged that may offer a lifeline to an industry that’s been treading water for decades. Better yet, these tools aren’t just providing a short-term fix; they’re allowing entirely new business models. Online subscriptions and marketplaces have emerged that will change the way we create and consume content online, and pave the way for more sustainable companies to emerge in the years ahead.”

Burst Brings An Innovative Model To Subscription Toothbrushes

By Emma Sandler in Forbes

A profile of Burst, a toothbrush subscription service.that was founded in 2017. For $69.99 (or through a dental professional for $39.99), customers receive a Burst sonic toothbrush with USB charger and toothbrush head plus a new brush head every three months for $6. “The initial price of the toothbrush is significant to the business since Burst seeks to align itself with dental professionals and cut through the middle-man (like stores, delivery trucks, etc.) that can cause a price increase.”

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