Uber is testing subscriptions for its food delivery business

Excerpts from an article by Sam Shead in Business Insider

Uber is considering rolling out a subscription model for its food delivery service, UberEats, according to one of the company’s UK executives.

The Uber subsidiary, which is on course to do $3 billion (£2.2 billion) in sales this year according to a document seen by The Financial Times, has already been experimenting with subscriptions.

“We are constantly testing,” said UberEats UK country manager Toussaint Wattinne during an interview with Business Insider in December. “We’ve actually run a few tests within specific cohorts in a few cities.”

Rolling out a subscription could help to improve customer loyalty in the increasingly crowded food delivery market, which is being chased by other US tech giants like Amazon, as well as firms like Deliveroo and Just Eat.

It’s likely that an UberEats subscription would allow users to bypass delivery fees, while also giving them access to promotions and exclusive menus.

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