Box launches new consulting unit to help customers struggling with digital transformation

Box launches new consulting unit to help customers struggling with digital transformation

Excerpts from article originally published in TechCrunch.

Box announced a new consulting organization today called Box Transform. It is designed to help companies understand that transformation requires a new way of working and thinking as an organization, beyond simply adopting new technologies like Box.

Box CEO Aaron Levie says that as his company has grown, they see their mission as more than selling software. It’s about helping change the entire way people work and interact with the content they use on a daily basis. Box wants to use its experience working with thousands of customers to help those companies that need an organizational push to get their transformation off the ground.

“From our experience, there is a tremendous amount of optimism around change, but challenges about where to get started. Instead of them shooting arrows in the dark, how do they get started on the most successful path to the fastest transformation we can [help] drive,” Levie told TechCrunch.

If you are about to change the way you work, it requires more than the pure technology to make that happen, Levie said. He wouldn’t get into how big they intend to make this unit, but did say they will let the customers drive that and that Box will scale it to whatever level the business requires. The new service is available as of today.

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