Zuora Ranked #28 on the SaaS 1000 List

Zuora Ranked #28 on the SaaS 1000 List

Today Zuora was named to The SaaS 1000 – a list of the top SaaS companies according to employee size growth. The rankings use an algorithm that tracks a SaaS company’s 6 month employee size growth and overall employee size to come up with the SaaS 1000 ranking. The list includes the largest SaaS companies to smaller startups and is updated quarterly.

Tom Blue, the SaaS 1000 Founder said, “This new list of SaaS companies identifies the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. Any company that is on this list should be proud of what they have achieved.“

Listen to the interview with Zuora CEO and Founder Tien Tzuo on “The $100m Question All SaaS Founders Must Ask”. You’ll learn more about:

How did Tien make his way from being an early employee at Salesforce to founding Zuora?
What were the big takeaways for Tien from seeing the meteoric rise of Salesforce and working with Mark Benioff? How has that experience molded his running and strategy with Zuora today?
What does Tien see as the fundamental benefits of a subscription model? What products and services does it work best for? What are the keys to assembling this model successfully?
Tien has previously referred to scaling as ‘the climb’. How does he approach this analogy? What was the most challenging element of scaling for Tien? How did he overcome it?
Tien has previously said that market strategy is the $100m question all founders must ask. So how does Tien approach go to market? What are the fundamentals to think about when considering different go to market options?

More about the SaaS 1000 here:



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