Grow Your Customer Base with Promotion Code Management

Grow Your Customer Base with Promotion Code Management

Leveraging promotion codes and coupons is a great tool for growing your customer base, but it can be a complicated process. Activities like generating unique codes, enabling code redemption, and setting time limits can get convoluted and cumbersome if you don’t have an automated solution. Staying on top of code validation can also be complicated, but it’s incredibly important: With weak validation, codes can be inappropriately circulated which can cause revenue leakage.

Zuora’s Promotion Code Management app, now available in our Zuora Connect Marketplace, offers an efficient and automated solution for discounts. With its ease of configuration and breadth of APIs, the application can manage millions of codes and customers without any manual intervention or custom work-arounds. And with the promo code app, you can apply strong validation to each code, ensuring that only the correct users are using a given code.

With the Promo Codes app, you can grow your customer base by attracting new or existing users to subscribe with coupons or promo codes. You can also use gifts to grow your customer base. Customers who are gifted a product by a friend or relative tend to have a higher adoption rate than free trial customers. You can even incentivize your customers to refer their contacts by offering discounts to one or both parties in each referral. And you can simplify your customer’s checkout process by linking codes to a set of products that the customer can use.

Promo Code management is a snap with this new app! Create unique codes for single use and assign them to specific users or codes for multiple use in which usage is tracked. Specify your own validation rules for each code. Mass create, update, and delete codes. With Promo Code Management App, you can keep discounting and promotion flexibility high while maintaining a lean product catalog.

Watch the demo for more information about promo codes and how to use this app.

For more great apps to extend the functionality of the Zuora Central Platform, check out the Zuora Connect Marketplace.

Zuora Connect is our applications marketplace that provides our customers with additional functionality on top of the Zuora Central platform. All connect apps are available straight from the Zuora user interface. These apps are made by Zuora or other third parties and certified by Zuora so Zuora customers can configure the right combination of functionalities for their business.

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