This new accounting rule could radically change how some companies recognize revenue

This article was written by Zuora CEO and Founder Tien Tzuo and originally published at Investors should watch how executives address ASC 606 in third-quarter earnings. Uber’s reported revenue is being cut in half. IBM plans to spend an unexpected $35 million-40 million. And General Motors might have to reduce its balance of earnings by $1 billion […]

The History of Sears Predicts Nearly Everything Amazon Is Doing

Excerpts from an article by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic One hundred years ago, a retail giant that shipped millions of products by mail moved swiftly into the brick-and-mortar business, changing it forever. Is that happening again? Amazon comes to conquer brick-and-mortar retail, not to bury it. In the last two years, the company has […]

Don’t Buy Your Next Volvo. Subscribe To It Instead.

Excerpts from an article by Michael Taylor in Forbes Sweden’s Volvo will bring a smartphone-style subscription plan to the car market in the US next year, months after it makes its debut across Europe. In what it claims is a world first, the premium automaker will launch its XC40 compact crossover with a flat-rate subscription […]

How to Accelerate Your Subscription Growth – Insight and Advice from Zuora

This podcast interview with Matt Darrow, Zuora’s former VP & GM was originally recorded and published by Membership Services Inc. How would you like to know the secrets of the fastest growing subscription companies? Subscriptions are exploding for everything from information, software, to monthly boxes. This growth has attracted new resources for analytics, software, and […]

The music business is growing again…

Excerpts from an article by Peter Kafka on Recode Familiar song, new tempo: Music streaming is big, and getting bigger fast. Digital downloads are falling off a cliff. Oh, and one more familiar refrain: The music industry loves the money it’s getting from subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music, but it wants YouTube to […]

ASC 606 or 666? Revenue recognition standard could spell trouble

This story was originally published in Accounting Today by Editor in Chief Michael Cohn. The revenue recognition standard that takes effect in December for public companies could pose challenges for technology businesses, particularly those relying on traditional subscription licenses, and many companies aren’t ready for the impact on their financials. “Revenue recognition feels like a big, […]

Centrica’s Hive Tries Subscriptions to Boost Smart Home Service

This article was originally published on the Bloomberg Terminal, September 14, 2018. The Zuora press release about Hive’s use of the platform can be read here. Hive, the smart home division of U.K. energy firm Centrica Plc, is turning to new subscription models to try to boost adoption of its service. Jo Cox, commercial director […]