Business models will drive the future of autonomous vehicles

Excerpts from an article by S. Somasegar in TechCrunch Over the last year, we have seen many groundbreaking announcements regarding autonomous cars, from companies like Ford promoting its autonomous vehicle leader to the position of CEO, to Tesla’s NHSTA investigation showing a 40 percent decrease in accidents with Autopilot enabled and Audi beginning mass-market sales […]

Revenue Recognition Summit 2017 Wrap-Up

Revenue Recognition Summit 2017 was all about timelines, data, documentation and the importance of getting started with the ASC 606 implementation process!

Disney wants to make a huge shift in its business model

Excerpts from an article by Peter Kafka in Recode The internet comes for every sector of the media business, eventually. No one has a moat. So eventually, everyone in the media business has a choice: Change their business to adapt to the internet, or hang on to the old business, as long as they can.But […]