Top 10 Reasons to Attend Revenue Recognition Summit 2017


That’s what attendees from last year’s Revenue Recognition Summit had to say about the experience of 2 full days of learning from revenue recognition experts.

Attendees received enlightening guidance about the new standards, reviewed implementation success factors, were briefed on what they need to be thinking about and planning for, and had countless opportunities to network with their peers.

This year’s Revenue Recognition Summit 2017 promises to be equally as eye-opening as experts from across the country gather in Burlingame, California on August 9-10 to focus on the subject of revenue recognition…specifically the ticking time bomb that is ASC 606.

Straight from the mouths of our past attendees, here are the top 10 reasons you must attend this year’s Revenue Recognition Summit (you can check out more testimonials here):

1. Prepare for the biggest change in accounting since Sarbanes-Oxley.

“This is a big standard. This is the first time I’m going through such a big change in the accounting profession. I think this is even bigger than when the SOX [Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002] came into place.” – Kamal Gupta, VP & Controller, Silverspring Networks

2 Get a clear understanding of the intricacies and challenges of the new standards.

“These concepts are complex. Some of us are in different phases of understanding these new concepts, so highlighting the challenges that different companies are facing is very useful.” – Narayan Krishnan, Director of Revenue, Riverbed Technology

3. Gauge your company’s maturity perspective in terms of the new standards—how far have you come, and how far do you still need to go?

“I’ve been excited and overwhelmed by everything that’s going on here. Getting a lot of industry experience to come together in a single forum is fantastic. There is a significant benefit in getting information out to the marketplace. A lot of clients haven’t advanced as far as we had hoped and getting groups like this together in this type of forum…lets the general community who’s going to be affected have the conversations and see where they want to go and where they are—and gauge themselves from a maturity perspective.” – Peter Schraeder, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

4. Top-level speakers including industry analysts, Big 4 accounting firms, revenue recognition experts, and the RevPro team.

“Speakers are knowledgeable and dynamic. People are learning a lot. It’s great to see the excitement building. You can see the gravity of it hitting people. [There’s a] lot of momentum around the topic [of ASC 606].” – Shauna Watson, Global Managing Director of Finance and Accounting, RGP

5. Precision focus on the information that Finance and IT professionals need.

“This is a unique summit in terms of revenue recognition.” – Amardeep Chohan, Manager, KPMG

6. Big picture insight into the business implications of ASC 606 throughout your organization.

“As a partner we have to understand what our business needs, and the challenges that lie in front of us.” – Venki Kumar, Co-Founder, Protominds Inc.

7. Networking, networking, networking!

“It’s great to network with a lot of my peers—a great opportunity to connect with people who are struggling with the same issues and be able to share ideas.” – Richard Boris, Senior Director, Revenue Recognition, FIS Global

8. Practical guidance to help you make a plan.

“A lot of information has opened my eyes and given us ideas to help lay out our plan as we go through implementation.”– Christianna Rosow, VP, Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer, Alliance Healthcare Services

9. Face your fears about the new standards!

“It’s a bit scary, but it’s good to know that there are resources out there.” – Veronica Bass, Senior Revenue Analyst, Forescout Technologies

10. Become the ASC 606 expert your entire organization looks to as they work to make the necessary changes to meet the new standards.

“With ASC 606, it’s much more impactful than just accounting and finance. There’s sales impacts, there are marketing impacts, and really the entire organization is going to need some sort of change in order to meet this standard.” – Joel Phillip, Systems Supervisor, Citrix Systems

Revenue Recognition Summit 2017 is your resource for implementing the upcoming revenue recognition guidance for ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

Check out our full agenda and speakers and register now!

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