How Zuora, Lyft and Mixpanel spark company transformation with data

Moments of inspiration can be elusive, but for many companies across industries, data is the spark for transformations big and small. Whether it’s a burgeoning startup, non-profit, or household name, each organization shares this one thing in common. Data-driven insights create compelling moments of change for a product, team, or an entire organization. As more […]

Uber, Amazon and Microsoft brace for accounting shake-up

This article was originally written by Leslie Hook and Richard Waters in San Francisco, published at the Financial Times.  Uber’s reported revenues are being cut in half and sales at Amazon and Microsoft could be higher than previously stated — all thanks to a forthcoming change to accounting rules. An update to generally accepted accounting principles […]

Steam Oven + Meal Subscriptions = Tovala

Excerpts from an article by Maura Judkis in The Washington Post This is what we want in 2017: We want our food to be delivered to us. We want it to be gourmet. We want to know all the ingredients and where they come from, so we can be sure they are healthful. We want […]

Facebook is getting ready to test paid subscriptions with publications

Excerpts from an article by Lucia Moses in DigiDay Facebook is moving ahead on plans to let people subscribe to publications through Instant Articles. Nothing’s final, but the current thinking is that it will support publications with metered paywalls and freemium models, said a source familiar with the briefings. These options would seem to accommodate […]

Reach the Summit

Interested in rubbing elbows and talking ASC 606 with experts from the Big Four and other accountancies? Curious to learn how your financial peers, both in and out of your industry, have progressed with their own transition efforts?? Seeking an environment offering organized and informal settings in which to mix and mingle with like-minded revenue […]