An Indian Onboarding, Zuora-style

An Indian Onboarding, Zuora-style

By Saloni Madhok, Marketing Manager at Zuora

As you’re probably aware, on May 10, 2017, Zuora publicly announced its intent to acquire Leeyo Software.

If that wasn’t fun enough, now the real fun has begun.

Once the deal became official, an executive team from Zuora traveled across the globe for the purpose of onboarding 120 new employees in the (former) Leeyo office in Chennai, India. By all accounts, the session was as much fun as it was informative.

New ZEOs (the term for Zuora employees) learned the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to function effectively within their new professional home away from home. Jagan Reddy, Leeyo’s co-founder/CEO and newly installed SVP, RevPro Product, for Zuora, kicked things off with an official welcome. The cross-cultural program then commenced with a session by Tyler Sloat, Zuora CFO. Sloat informed the newly minted employees of the world’s leading provider of subscription commerce, billing and finance about the firm’s mission, strategy, goals, customer and operational structure and how their jobs fit into the big picture of making the world subscribed.

ZEO culture was explained by Marc Weedon, a UK-based HR Director, whose goal was to ensure employees not only understood the company’s culture and environment, but would thrive in it. He concluded with a fun-filled exercise about the company based on the Jeopardy game show, complete with contestant prizes.

“A very informative and interactive on-boarding session,” said Fawzia Aleem, Senior Business Analyst, Zuora India. “Whether formal presentation or a casual coffee time chat, (I) loved the fact that leadership took pains to provide such a warm welcome to its new employees. Additionally, Jeopardy was so much fun and kudos to whoever came up with that idea!”

Added Brent Cromley, SVP- Technology, Zuora:
“It was so great to meet all of the Leeyo team members and welcome them into the Zuora community.  I was very impressed with their culture and the hospitality from all of the team in Chennai”

Jegannathan Balasubramanian, Senior Manager – HR, was also impressed with the level of effort put in by the Zuora team for its new outpost in India.

“It was an amazing experience,” he said. “Employees were so glad that the Zuora executive team had come all the way to India and did onboarding for them”



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