Subscribed San Francisco 2017…That’s a Wrap!

June 7, 2017

All good things must come to an end, and so here we are wrapping up our third and final day of Subscribed San Francisco 2017. We crammed a lot into a half day, kicking it off with our Power UP Networking Breakfast with Jess Lee, Partner at Sequoia Capital; George Gallegos, CEO, Jitterbit; Caroline Simard, Research Director, Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University; Steven Aldrich, Chief Product Officer, GoDaddy; and moderated by Magdalena Yesil, Founder, Broadway Angels (and founding board member of Salesforce). This lively discussion around diversity and inclusion was truly one of the highlights of Subscribed. Read more here.

The product keynote led by SVP Products Tom Krackeler built upon Tien’s announcement yesterday of Zuora Central (The Platform for the Subscription Economy®), digging into details about our new Subscription Order Engine, Zuora Collect, Zuora Insights, and Zuora RevPro, your weapon to help you fight against the ticking time bomb that is ASC 606 (seriously, we’re not over-dramatizing here…we’re confident it’s going to prove to be the Y2K of our generation). Read more about the 6 engines powering the Subscription Economy here.

Tom Kelley, IDEO Partner and best-selling author, then took the stage with great insights on creating meaningful stories and building creative confidence. You don’t think you’re creative? Nope. You just to need to discover *how* you’re creative.

Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender, closed the show. Before breaking out one of his own 50 Fender guitars to show us his mad skillz, Andy took us on his journey from Nike to Disney to his dream job as CEO of Fender where he’s proactively guiding Fender through an evolution from products to services.

Here are some of the most memorable moments from today’s incredible line-up of speakers:

“Subscription businesses require a whole new architecture — billing wasn’t the only thing that had to change” – Tom Krackeler, SVP Products, Zuora

“Zuora is ‘the middle office,’ serving as connector between CRM and ERP.” – Tom Krackeler, SVP Products, Zuora

“Zuora never was a vendor. You’ve always been an incredible partner to us. You promised and came through to build the roadmap with us. You call it a hub. I call it a heart. And Zuora didn’t miss a beat. Other customers claim they are customer friendly, and sometimes during licensing negotiations, it turns out not to be true. But you deliver. – Sheila Jordan, CIO Symantec

“More bills, more payment methods, more moving parts equals a lot more things that can go wrong.” – Tom Krackeler, SVP Products, Zuora

“Data is the key to collections. Because with data you can get your collections tuned for your business.” – Mike Aaron, VP of Products, Zuora

“To run your subscription business you need an entirely new set of key metrics that will drive your business: churn rate, lifetime customer value, average revenue per user, and more.” – Matt Darrow, VP & GM, Zuora

“Most people think revenue is billing, which is not true.” – Jagan Reddy, RevPro

“You can configure Zuora RevPro to release revenue over time (like a subscription) or you can recognize revenue at a point in time (like a training), or when it happens (like consumption or usage model).” – Jagan Reddy, RevPro

“Have you noticed that we live in a scarce world? You never have as much budget as you’d like to have, as many team resources as you’d like. Creative potential is a huge resource. Shame on us for letting this precious resource run down the drain.” – Tom Kelley, IDEO

“Design thinking is the best way I know to unlock creativity. It’s about using the mindset of a designer that used to be applied to physical products but is now applied to much broader topics. It stretches the definition of design. The essence boils down to Empathy, Experimentation, Storytelling.” – Tom Kelley, IDEO

“Budget is how companies express love.” – Tom Kelley, IDEO

‘Every meaningful business idea I’ve ever had was rejected, dismissed, or brought me close to being fired.” – Andy Mooney, CEO, Fender

“Leo Fender actually never played guitar. But he listened to artists. At Fender we still believe in listening to our customers.” – Andy Mooney, CEO, Fender

“Music will continue to evolve; the guitar is a constant.” – Andy Mooney, CEO, Fender

And on that musical note, it’s time for us to officially drop the mic! Thanks for joining us on our Subscribed 2017 journey…and stay tuned for details on Subscribed San Francisco 2018, already scheduled for June 4-6, 2018. Trust us: you definitely want to save the date for this one (pre-registration info to follow!).