Leeyo Executive Earns Highest Rating !

2017 continues to be a banner year for Jagan Reddy, Leeyo Software’s Co-Founder, CEO and CTO. Reddy has earned an Owler 2017 Top Rated CEO Award, it was announced today! The award, part of the inaugural Top Rated CEO Awards by the community-based business insights platform, derives from an in-depth examination of 167,000 CEOs on Owler across 50 […]

Regulation and cyber attacks – a perfect storm for SaaS

Excerpts from an article by Denis Pombriant in diginomica A confluence of regulation and cyber attacks make the case for cloud based ERP aka SaaS an inevitable requirement. Keep an eye on the SaaS or software as a service market. If I am right, it’s about to get hot. SaaS has been with us for […]

Payments Fraud Hits Record Highs

JP Morgan provides results from Association for Financial Professionals’ 13th annual Payments Fraud & Control Survey. How to protect against payments fraud

What the Zuora Acquisition of Leeyo Means for You

Some pretty big news was announced recently, in case you weren’t aware. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably super aware. As the i’s get dotted and the t’s are crossed, people want to know, “what does this mean for us?” There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the acquisition announcement. Herewith, a few of […]

Deloitte’s 2017 Digital Democracy Survey

Every year, Deloitte releases their Digital Democracy Survey, a multi-generational view of consumer trends in technology, media, and telecom. The 11th edition focuses on five generations, providing insight into how consumers ages 14 and above are interacting with media, products and services, mobile technologies, the internet, attitudes and behaviors toward advertising and social networks, and […]

“We’re continually adding value…” – Sean Kelly, CEO and Co-founder of SnackNation

If your office is well-stocked with snack options such as protein bars, dried fruit, granola and other healthy food, you should probably thank SnackNation for it. Since 2014, the California-based company has been offering businesses easy access to healthier foods. Clients include leading brands such as Microsoft, Uber, Marriott, Travelocity, NFL Networks and others whose […]