MindTouch Customer Success Top 25 Influencers 100 Strategists 2017

MindTouch just released two syndicated lists (combined into a single asset), revolving around thought leadership in customer success. The first is their TOP 25 Customer Success Influencers and the second is their People’s Choice, TOP 100 Customer Success Strategists.

We’re proud and honored to say that four of our ZEOs made the cut:

MindTouch Top 25 Customer Success Influencers

Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO Zuora @tientzuo


MindTouch Top 100 Customer Success Strategists

Rachel English, Director Customer Experience Zuora @Zuora

Steve Yeager, Manager New Business and Sales Development Zuora @Yeager_Steve

Todd Pearson, Senior VP of Customer Success Zuora @toddpearsonca

Mindtouch evaluated thousands of members within the Customer Success community and created a measurement that took into account a wide range of metrics, such as internet presence, influence, community engagement and participation (including conference appearances). Three judges—Catherine Blackmore (GVP Global Customer Success), Todd Eby (Co-Founder and CEO), and Shep Hyken (Chief Amazement Officer), all recognized for their industry insights—chose the Top 25 finalists from the distilled list of influencers.

Learn more about the criteria for this award and the Judges Panel in this short video:

And view the full list here!

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