With a Little Help from Our Friends

With a Little Help from Our Friends

It’s all in the name.

Leeyo Software is a software company, not a service company. It’s something we continue to talk about and remind people, very similar to how this guy feels the need to constantly remind co-workers of his role.

Our priority is the development, maintenance and continual improvement of our flagship product, RevPro, the world’s leading revenue recognition and forecasting automation solution.

Since the beginning, we’ve made sure our product has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with market-leading enterprise software. Our technical staff continues to work closely with our growing stable of technology partners to ensure we remain current on the most advanced features and capabilities of the partner’s offerings.

Leeyo remains in lockstep with industry trends and actively cultivates and maintains our technology partnerships to make sure RevPro products deliver unequaled performance wherever deployed.

With our existing client base of live RevPro implementations, Leeyo’s Professional Services team has seen 95% of what’s out there (we’d say 99%, but let’s be modest). This experienced team has built a playbook which is being taught and scaled to outside implementation partners as we outsource integrations as a regular business practice.

To that aforementioned trending end, we utilize our partner network, featuring all Big 4 accounting firms and a whole host of boutique consulting agencies, as RevPro implementation options for the following reasons:

  • Supports scale during periods of high growth
  • Provides our customers with a broad spectrum of implementation approaches in consideration of the “workload vs. resources” ratio
  • Validates Leeyo Software’s position as a product company, offering a highly configurable tool in RevPro

Consider and compare to the equally expansive options provided when implementing an ERP solution. As reported in the ERP Software Blog in response to the query on why companies work with consultants in the implementation of ERP systems, more than 75% of companies implementing or upgrading ERP systems choose to work with consultants on such efforts. Working side-by-side with consultants in such implementation efforts, according to recent reporting by Panorama Consulting, has resulted in the following positive business practices and advantages:

  • Higher probability of success because consultants have experience with similar projects
  • Saved time and money due to the experience and expertise of the consultants
  • Decreased risk of failure
  • Ability to negotiate better deals because consultants have contacts with other vendors

Add to that the findings of the 2016 ERP Report by Panorama Consulting (an organization that, in all transparency, is itself one such ERP consultancy) which summarized a survey of lessons learned from 215 ERP implementations worldwide.

Takeaways from the report include a surprising 50 percent jump in the duration of implementation projects. While companies, according to findings, were able to manage costs sufficiently, the problem seemed to be in proper maintenance of time and milestones. The number one culprit, however, derailing those ERP implementation project plans were data issues, as levels of complexity and risk rose equally.

As with ERP implementations, the implementation of such a critical piece of your quote-to-cash system as the automated revenue management solution provided by RevPro depends on the knowledge, experience and confidence of the team tasked with that effort.

Consulting partners bring intimate knowledge of the customer and unequaled strength in technical accounting, financial processes and compliance to Leeyo’s clients.

Implementation partners bring financial systems expertise on common ERP platforms – Microsoft Dynamics ERP, NetSuite, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, SAP ECC and SAP Business ByDesign — and often come with that same intimate knowledge of our customers.

Leeyo’s expanding network of experienced implementation partners includes the following:

  • E&Y
  • PWC
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture
  • Jade Global
  • Connor Group
  • RGP
  • Protominds
  • RevGurus

Leeyo works closely with these and other market leaders – leveraging their knowledge, experience and global networks – to help ensure our customers’ success.

Within the Leeyo ecosystem, consulting and implementation partners provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Design and assessment
  • Business requirements scoping
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Readiness
  • RevPro Training
  • Customer relationship delivery
  • ERP system readiness
  • Data Integration
  • Configuration and testing
  • On-going automation enhancement
  • Other services

As we said at the beginning, it’s all in the name. Sometimes it’s that and much more.

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