Gamechangers Summit 2017

Gamechangers Summit 2017

Zuora is a proud sponsor of, and presenter at, The Gamechangers Summit, a three-day conference in Sydney, Australia designed to help businesses unlock the potential of their organisations with emerging technology. Gamechangers Summit takes an in-depth look at the technologies that will wreak havoc on business, and provide business leaders with the knowledge and insights to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Attendees will learn about the cutting-edge technologies on the horizon from the world’s leading innovators and scientists, and hear from experts in emerging technologies such as IoT, advanced robotics, smart materials, wearables, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, augmented reality, genomics, and more.

John Kearney, Managing Director – APAC for Zuora, will present a session on 1:30pm on Day One: The Birth of the Subscription Economy and What It Means for Business. In an age of customer driven change, a new business landscape is emerging in which traditional pay-per-product (or service) companies are moving toward subscription-based business models. Subscription economy companies are allowing their customers the adaptability to either pay as they go, or pay per subscription monthly, or via a long-term contract. The point is to have flexibility. In this session, John will discuss reimagining your business plan in the era of the subscription economy and a design thinking-led multi-channel approach imperative.

At 2pm, again on Day One, John will be participating in an industry panel titled The Business of Customers, where he will be joined by panelists from Adobe, Business Models Inc, Airly, and Fastway Couriers. For businesses, it’s all about customer relationships. This means the rise of customer centric business models, and providing the perfect cultivating ground for the rise of the subscription economy. This panel will focus on:

  • Employing a pre-emptive approach to disruption
  • Understanding the marketing and revenue opportunities created by long-term customer loyalty and engagement
  • “Disrupting the traditional business model” OR “applying lessons from the start-up world to traditional business models”

If you’re attending the summit, make sure to score yourself a seat at John’s sessions, and stop by to say “hi” to the Zuora team at booth #3.

Register now for the Gamechangers Summit and use the code ZUORA_995 to save $1,000 on your pass!

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