Cisco-AppDynamics $3.7 billion deal is all about the data

Cisco-AppDynamics $3.7 billion deal is all about the data

Excerpts from an article by Ron Miller in TechCrunch

When Cisco bought AppDynamics last night for $3.7 billion, it was initially a bit of a shocker, partly because of the timing, just days before the startup was scheduled to IPO. While the acquisition was clearly part of a longer term strategy by Cisco to shift focus from its hardware business to one based more on cloud software, at its core, the deal was a pure data play.

Data has taken center stage in today’s enterprise. It’s become cliché to say that ‘data is the new oil,’ but like all clichés, it’s developed because there is a ring of truth to it. As companies shift to artificial intelligence and machine learning, these are technologies that live and die by copious amounts of quality data.

Why did Microsoft pay $26 billion for LinkedIn? Why was Salesforce willing to go the mat for a chance to buy Twitter last year, before it fell through? It’s all about the data — and Cisco spent $3.7 billion of its treasure for AppDynamics yesterday for the same reason.

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