Go ahead, subscribe to something smart today — a newspaper, a magazine, or a content site that you like. You’ll be in good company. A recent Nielsen Scarborough Study found that more than 169 million US adults now read newspapers every month, in print, online or mobile. That’s almost 70% of the population.

Here’s what the New York Times said this week in its 2020 report laying out its vision for the future. It’s a smart, pointed defense of the inherent benefits of subscription business models:

“We are, in the simplest terms, a subscription-first business. Our focus on subscribers sets us apart in crucial ways from many other media organizations. We are not trying to maximize clicks and sell low-margin advertising against them. We are not trying to win a page views arms race. We believe that the more sound business strategy for The Times is to provide journalism so strong that several million people around the world are willing to pay for it. Of course, this strategy is also deeply in tune with our longtime values. Our incentives point us toward journalistic excellence.”

Here are subscription sign-up pages for some well known newspapers, magazines and content sites. We are missing many. Feel free to share your favorites.

The Guardian.

The Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times. 

The Weekly Standard. 

Financial Times. 

National Review. 

Vanity Fair. 

The New Republic.

The Economist. 

The Telegraph. 

The Washington Post. 

The New Yorker. 

Los Angeles Times.

San Francisco Chronicle. 

Mother Jones. 


Seattle Times. 

The American Conservative. 

Lapham’s Quarterly. 

The Information.

The Atlantic. 

The Boston Globe

Chicago Tribune. 

Sydney Morning Herald. 

What are your favorite subscriptions? What else are we missing?




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