Episode 52: Time to Genuflect ….Wait, No, Reflect

On this episode, Matt and Jim catalog a ‘Top 5’ of the most popular pieces of content this past year, and take a moment of genuine reflection upon the events – big and semi-big – of 2016. Here are links for items discuss on the episode: https://leeyo.com/blog/handy-tips-for-a-successful-revrec-implementation/ https://leeyo.com/blog/change-is-in-the-air/ https://leeyo.com/blog/selecting-a-transition-method/ https://leeyo.com/blog/staats-on-stats-asc-606-adoption-unreadiness/ https://leeyo.com/blog/why-auditors-love-revpro-and-why-they-dont/ RevRec Summit 2016 The “Ask […]

GE, IBM, Komatsu and Other IoT Leaders Tackle Subscriptions

Two part (Part 1 and Part 2) feature interview with Junichiro Kuwano, President of Zuora Japan, in Biz Zine, originally in Japanese. “Subscription model” (stock type business) is a model that continues to provide services within the contract period. On the other hand, the traditional typical business model is “product sales model” (flow type business), once […]

Shift Happens: A DisrupTV Interview with Tien Tzuo

Interview with Tien Tzuo on DisrupTV, hosted by R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar. DisrupTV Episode 0042 – Year-End Recap and Interview with Tien Tzuo from Constellation Research on Vimeo. Discussion highlights: What is the Subscription Economy? What’s causing this shift to a subscription business model? The Subscription Economy Index (SEI) and business model disruption […]

Is Regulation on Obsolescence Already Obsolete?

By Philippe Van Hove, VP Western Europe at Zuora, in Le Monde (originally published in French) For Philippe Van Hove, the underwriting economy, by engaging the manufacturer in a closer and lasting relationship with his client, could be the best bulwark against the scheduled obsolescence. The legal provisions related to the scheduled obsolescence, included in the Hamon […]

The Subscription Economy and How You Can Harness It

By John Phillips, VP EMEA at Zuora in Tech City News Since 1999, over half of the companies that made up the FTSE 100 have left the index. Former household names including the likes of Abbey National, ICI and Invensys have disappeared entirely from the list following a series of mergers and takeovers. What’s more […]

Will All Companies Go to a Subscription Model?

Tyler Sloat

By David McCann in CFO.com If you’re ever awake, you probably know that the subscription-based, recurring-revenue business model is booming. But do you know just how big and loud that boom is? “Everything is going to move to subscription at some point,” claims Tyler Sloat, CFO of Zuora, a company that offers a comprehensive billing and […]

Episode 51: A Moment with Mohan

In this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim interview Mohan Iyer, Practice Director, Enterprise Applications, for Jade Global, an implementation partner of Leeyo Software. Mohan weighs in what it is about today’s environment which makes automation such a critical need for revenue management and ERPs such a limited option. He also hits the […]

Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Let’s Find Out

There’s two sides to every coin. Two columns on the ledger. It’s that traditional time of year dedicated to reflection. When was the last time you stopped to consider your place of residence on a “naughty” or “nice” list? Well, there’s no time like the present (and there’s no end to holiday-themed plays on words, but we […]

Watson Analytics: Bringing Cognitive to the People

The trailer for the 20th Century Fox thriller “Morgan,” about an artificially enhanced human, has all the dark, creepy elements of a sci-fi thriller: lots of reflective glass surfaces, shadowy corridors, and a courteous, but vaguely menacing, young lady with gray skin.But this trailer is unique for one key reason. Its scenes were compiled by […]

Episode 50: We Don’t Mean to Brag, But . . .

…. we’re gonna. Did you know Leeyo Software has the “World’s Greatest Revenue Recognition Podcast” ?  Our popular, weekly forum, “Ask the RevRec Experts,” has served up timely discussions on industry topics ranging from accounting system considerations to corporate revenue enforcement efforts and in-the-trenches field reports on ASC 606 progress at events by PwC, Zuora, CPE and others. […]