Understanding Revenue in the Subscription Model Made Easy

Understanding Revenue in the Subscription Model Made Easy

Today’s corporate trend continues to be squarely aimed in the direction of the subscription business model.

Executives direct their focus on long-term, recurring customer relationships rather than one-time, isolated product or service transactions. More of the business world is thinking in terms of ‘everything as a service’ and that ups the need for proper accounting of new data requirements, pricing structures, billing models and, ultimately, revenue.

Most every business today faces challenges in how to compute revenue with ASC 606, “Revenue from Contracts with Customers,” the newly converged revenue guidance looming for 2018. The degree of difficulty for subscription businesses is considerably higher.

It’s why Leeyo and Zuora joined forces for our latest white paper, “Ramp Up to the New Revenue Standards in the Subscription World.”

Created from the well-received information shared recently in the webinar, “Ramp Up to the New ASC 606 Revenue Standards,” this new release┬ádetails the challenges and impact of the new revenue standards specific to those in the subscription economy. Readers will learn how best to prepare for adoption and how Zuora and Leeyo can help your business become compliant with these new regulations.

Want more proof the subscription business model is picking up steam?

Our partners at Zuora recently noted several examples of the ‘all-inclusive bundle of stuff for a regular fee’ model gaining momentum on Wall Street, including a possible ‘Apple Prime,’ direct-to-customer Disney offerings and the earnings payoff of a notable shift by Adobe Systems.


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