WSJ: Subscriptions Will Feed The Internet and Media World

WSJ: Subscriptions Will Feed The Internet and Media World

Technology strategist Michael Wolf presented on “The 9 Most Important Insights for Tech and Media in 2017” at WSJDLive, The Wall Street Journal’s global tech conference last week. Wolf, a onetime Yahoo Inc. board member and president of MTV Networks, now runs New York-based consulting firm Activate Inc.

Here are some highlights from his section “Subscriptions Will Feed The World (or at least Internet and Media Businesses”

  • Over the next five years, global internet and media revenues will grow by over $400 billion, outpacing GDP growth
  • Access, not content, will be the revenue growth driver over the next five years
  • Subscription will continue to be the dominant revenue model, accounting for over half of consumer internet and media growth
  • Consumer pay models outside of subscription and freemium are essentially disappearing
  • The top subscription services in app stores are mainly video and music streaming
  • Digital access and television providers capture the highest average revenue per user in the US

Check out Activate’s services here and learn more about how Zuora helps media companies win in the Subscription Economy here!

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