Episode 43: Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just Content

It’s that time of the month when Matt and Jim revisit recent RevRec industry information collected, collated and, um, coddled for your convenience. Fun banter ensues among the topics of recent FASB recommendations, AICPA updates for new guidance and the fork in the road between a life of law enforcement or technology. Talk about a […]

New CAAS (Chai-as-a-Service) Platform from Mumbai

The traditional Indian tea stall, an age-old cultural symbol, has taken a small but important step in the Subscription Economy. Mumbai-based Chotu Chai Wala allows offices in the business district of Bandra to subscribe to daily tea deliveries from their favorite local chai stands. Created by Zepo in a local ecommerce development platform, Chotu Chai […]

Oars + Alps launches men’s skincare subscription

Breaking onto the scene with a bro-tastic 2012 ad, Dollar Shave Club built a billion-dollar company on delivering men’s razors directly to their doorsteps. Chicago’s newest e-commerce startup, Oars + Alps, wants to bring the same level of convenience to men’s skincare products.

Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo’s Keynote at Dell EMC World

Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo delivered a closing keynote at Dell EMC World, 2016 in Austin last week where he explained how the social side and the technology side of innovation come together in practice.

Freak Out Because Doomsday IS Approaching

If you’re involved in corporate finance these days, scary times aren’t confined to the month of October. That eerily omnipresent sound you’re hearing isn’t slow footsteps creaking across floorboards as the grim reaper approaches, but rather the spine-tingling tick-tock-tick-tock of a clock counting down to the 2018 effective date for the new revenue recognition accounting […]

Episode 42: Simplify the Complexity

On this episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” Matt and Jim bring back RoseRyan’s Diana Gilbert to pose some questions generated by her recent discussion of “The Revenue Recognition Principle” on the podcast. Tackled queries include how to connect the dots to the new revrec standard, what is basic and what’s complex and the significance […]