Episode 38 - Little People or Robots?

episode38In this very special episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts,” intrepid co-host Jim Staats takes on an event single-handedly. Jim usually writes the blog posts, so I (Matt Ream) will take over this one since he handled the entire remote broadcast from a CPE event today and yesterday in Foster City, CA. That’s called “teamwork.”

Jim had a chance to talk to several people and discuss their preparation for implementation of ASC 606. On the one hand–and as we have seen at our own event–more and more companies are taking this new revenue guidance more seriously. On the other hand, it seems like people are still behind the curve, but they are starting to realize the importance of this change, and the complicated nature of the new rules (listen for the “cell phone” example). I think that trend will only continue as we come closer to the 2018 implementation deadline.

You’re going to want to listen to the end where Jim speculates on who is actually playing the grand piano…

It’s great that events like this are increasing awareness and helping people start to get their arms around the changes. Of course, if anyone needs help, Leeyo is here for you. In fact, why don’t you send us your Number One Biggest Looming Question about Revenue Recognition by clicking here.

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