The 10 Best Subscriptions for Back to School

The 10 Best Subscriptions for Back to School

That summer smell of chlorine has started to fade and harried parents everywhere are settling in for yet another year of last-minute projects, unsigned permission slips, and overlapping activities.

Fortunately there are some great subscriptions — old and new — that can help parents to replace holey jeans, get organized, inspire growing minds, and maybe, just maybe, get your kids to actually eat their lunches.

Read on for our picks of 10 of the most convenient and useful subscriptions we’ve found to help face that back-to-school mania:

1. Homework/Skills Support
If you struggle to help your 5th grader divide fractions, no worries… IXL to the rescue! This online learning site is dynamic and adaptive which means that your kids get customized practice appropriate to their individual skill level in math, language arts, science, and social studies, for kindergarteners up through 12th grade. For just $9.99/month (or $79 for an annual plan), your students at every level get meaningful content and all the confidence that comes with skill mastery.

2. Clothes
Back-to-school clothes shopping is easy with FabKids, offering fashionable shoes and clothes for boys and girls. As a VIP member, you get to shop the site to make your monthly selections at 50% off regular prices for as low as $9.95 an outfit. Or you can choose to skip a month entirely — if you can’t yet convince your daughter to throw out those raggedy old Converse and get some new kicks.

3. School Supplies
Avoid the lines at Walmart and subscribe to KidPackz which delivers customized boxes of school supplies for grades 1st through 5th for just $15/month. According to KidPackz, parents in the US spend around $660/year on back-to-school supplies. They cut this cost by nearly 70% and deliver all the supplies your elementary-aged child needs (with special surprises and fun treats during the summer months!).

4. Family Calendar
Sure, you could use Google calendar, but then your spouse’s work team meetings overlap with your group off site and suddenly you find yourself with a big mess. Instead, try Cozi, an online shared calendar and list app that helps keep everyone in the family on the same page. With color coding for each family member and your grocery shopping list separated from your wholesale shopping list, you’ll never miss a birthday party or run out of toilet paper again. You can try out Cozi for free, or subscribe for the ad-free gold plan.

5. Coffee!
We get it. There’s no way this back-to-school thing is going to go down smoothly without your daily cup of joe. If there’s just never enough time to stop at your local Starbucks to get your fix, consider signing up for a Starbucks subscription. For $19/month you can subscribe to their Reserve Roastery subscription for a new small-lot coffee every month. Or you can build your own subscription with your favorite coffees and teas to be delivered to you on your own schedule (and for a discount!).

6. Snacks
Snacks by mail. Are there three more delightful words? To satisfy your little snack eating machines, subscribe to Graze which offers a wide range of tasty single-serving snacks made from quality ingredients. With more than 100 snacks to choose from, you’re sure to find something for everyone in your hand-picked box.

7. Dinners
What’s for dinner? The daily struggle to figure out a meal plan, shop, and cook is eliminated with a subscription to Hello Fresh, which delivers farm-fresh ingredients along with chef-curated recipes. You just choose your menu, get pre-measured ingredients, and follow the simple directions to prepare amazing home-cooked meals. And the Family Box starts at just $8.75 per meal. If only it included a dishwasher…!

8. Supplemental Learning
Do you feel like your child is focusing on the basics of reading, writing, and math, to the detriment of other topics? There’s a wide selection of subscription boxes focused around science, history, and more — all full of interesting content carefully curated to bring these subjects to life. One of the best is the award-winning Magic School Bus science kit, based on the popular TV show. For $19.99/month, your aged 5-12 year old will receive a monthly package full of fun, hands-on experiments that will help spark their interest in science, from magnets to bacteria, rainbows, and beyond.

9. Educational Enrichment
A love of reading is one of the greatest gifts parents can give their child. Cricket Media magazines have been helping on this mission for more than 40 years. With 11 magazines, appropriate for ages 6 months to 14+ years, Cricket has something to entertain, educate, inspire, and delight every child. Subscriptions start at $33.95/year.

10. Continuing Education
As any parent who’s eaten broccoli when they really wanted ice cream for dinner knows, our children learn most from watching us. So what better way to support your child’s education than to model lifelong learning? With, you can brush up on your skills, or learn a new one — all on your own time. From Excel to Project Management, Photoshop, and beyond,’s wide range of courses will get you passionate about learning. A basic plan with unlimited learning starts at $19.99/month.

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