View from the Top - A Summit Recap

The view from the top is always a gorgeous one, so you’ll forgive us if we linger a little bit longer up here.

Leeyo’s first Revenue Recognition Summit was a grand success on all accounts (see what we did there, accounting folk?)

Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers:


Two power-packed days

More than three hundred attendees

Over 80% participation rate through to the final event sessions

24 distinct, specialized presentations

11 valued sponsors of the event

4,209* times ASC 606 was referenced  (* estimated figure)


“We were pleasantly surprised to meet such a large gathering, both of industry experts as well as fellow users of RevPro,” said Mohan Dutt, Senior Manager of IT at Equinix.

“The Summit has been really good,” added Christiana Rosow, Vice President, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of Alliance Health. “It’s been a lot of information, and overwhelming at times to think about the project we’ve got ahead of us.”

Rosow expressed hope that what she learned at the Summit will help her as she moves forward.

It’s why Jagan Reddy, Leeyo Founder, CEO and CTO, capped off the event by announcing the Summit will become an annual event within the revenue recognition industry, to the delight of his audience of revenue management teams, accounting professionals, finance leaders, IT managers and others.

Hope you’re already as excited about Revenue Recognition Summit ’17 as we are!!

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