New Customer Spotlight on Nextdoor: Work Differently

Nextdoor chose Zuora to monetize new offerings to their subscriber base.

Nextdoor is more than just the latest entry into the business center market (in which workers pay for workspace); it’s a community-focused “Happy Work Space” boasting a brand new concept “beyond the workspace towards the guesthouse.”

Nextdoor is an initiative launched by Bouygues, a global player in construction and services. The pilot building started in June 2015 in France and has been a huge success, leading to Bouygues’s plans to accelerate the roll-out with more openings planned.

With planned additional locations, Nextdoor was looking for a best-of-breed solution to support their growth. In addition to new locations, Nextdoor plans to act as a marketplace providing permanently new services to their end users.

Nextdoor turned to Zuora for help:

  • Monetizing new offers
  • Reducing/Removing the manual tasks of operationalizing a subscription business model
  • Improving the customer journey experience

Specifically, Zuora is helping Nextdoor with:

  • Pricing. Nextdoor has monthly recurring charges for desks, one-time charges for meeting rooms, and usage charges for services such as printing.
  • Acquiring New Customers. Nextdoor customers can schedule room bookings (one-time charges) via their website. Nextdoor sales representatives use Zuora to interface with Salesforce for quoting.
  • Accounting. Zuora will be used as an accounts receivable subledger which will integrate into Nextdoor’s general ledger via summary journal entries.
  • Iterating. Nextdoor will leverage Zuora to iterate on its current pricing and packaging and refine its offers.
  • Scaling their Business. After a year of operation with just one business center, Nextdoor already has 100+ users. They plan to add additional centers in FY16 and dramatically expand their number of users — and then increase again in FY17.

Subscription businesses like Nextdoor choose Zuora when they want to grow their business with a focus on outstanding customer experiences.

If you want to find out more about the happy work spaces at Nextdoor, check out this short video.

Call 1.800.425.1281 to learn more about how Zuora can help your business.

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